February 2020 Featured Male Stripper

Meet Calvin Xtacy! February’s Featured Stripper

Calvin Xtacy, this month's featured male stripper


Albuquerque, New Mexico

Height & Weight

Height: 5’9.

Weight: 165 Lbs.

Star Sign


Favorite Songs To Dance To

“Feel It” by Jacquees and “Pony” by Ginuwine.

Available Costumes

50 Shades Of Grey, pizza boy, police officer, soldier.

Favorite Costumes/Acts

I LOVE the 50 Shades Naughty girl act & whipped cream dances!

How Long Have You Been Dancing?

10 years.

Craziest Stripping Experience

I was at this party where champagne was being sprayed everywhere while whipped cream was also being poured on everyone, including me! Then all the girls had a mission to rip off my thong so I had to play wrestle with everyone. It was a fun time, they never were fast enough to get me!

What Do You Do To Keep In Shape & Looking Good?

I work out 6 times a week and eat healthily! I love CrossFit for my bubble butt and do pull-ups for my back.

What Do You Do When You’re Not Stripping At Parties?

I am a nurse for hospice patients! I love giving people comfort. I go to Las Vegas, NV a-lot to see shows and dance. I also love art, hiking the Sandia Mountains, biking, and making people laugh. I’m goofy at heart so comedy shows are a must!

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Party Pricing Starts at $200 Per Dancer.

The Male Stripper Apparel

The Male Stripper Apparel

By Dave Dakota

3 Gentleman’s clubs are about to try something that has never been done in the Exotic dancer industry. Starting next year, there will be a new standard clothing line for the dancers. This is a brand new clothing line designed by one of the founders of the club. The hope is to make this new clothing line a full out designer clothing line that can be worn at the gym, work, and everyday clothing. I talked to the creator of this new clothing line John Zarvelos.

DD: So what made you decide to get your dancers wearing your clothing?

JZ: It is kind of that Abercrombie mentality. I have beautiful people wear my clothing and it will take off from there. These guys at my club are absolutely ripped. They are the perfect models to show off my clothes.

DD: Are you doing the same thing with the female line?

JZ: You know it. I am already working out a deal with multiple clubs. I want these entertainers to have my entire line and only wear my clothes. I plan on supplying them with a full wardrobe.

DD: Do you plan on getting other sponsors outside the exotic dancing industry?

JZ: Yes, and it is completely opposite from the exotic dancing industry. I want my brand to be huge. I am looking for the perfect opportunities in all industries. I knew that the exotic dancer industry would be a great one to get some press and to have the clothes worn by people who can really make my clothes look good. This other thing I have in the works will also make a huge impact. I am curious to see the media reaction when they see the next sponsorship. I don’t plan on starting that up for at least another six months though. I have 20 of the hottest male and female exotic dancers who I plan on making the face of my company. We will be doing photo shoots, videos, etc.

DD: Is this high end fashion?

JZ: It is very affordable. I want my line to be the highest quality, and at a price point where everyone can afford it. That to me is what makes a great brand.

DD: I am excited to see these photo shoots.  Good luck and I look forward to seeing your launch.

JZ: Thank you! I am excited to show off what I have been working on for the past five years.

The Male Stripper Playbook

By Dave Dakota

The Male Stripper Industry is a booming industry. Anytime something booms, the imitators show up and ruin everything for the companies that do it right. The Original Male Strippers and their famous website handle has been around for almost 15 years. They are truly the best in the industry. Others have tried to duplicate their success, but have failed. These other companies are just in the business for a money grab. They rip off the dancers and rip of the customers. These other companies tell the ladies that there is minimum tip that they have to give. If you are booking a stripper, this is a definite warning sign that that company is a scam. The reason that these companies say that there is a minimum tip is because they are keeping the entire flat rate that you are paying for the male dancer. Companies like make a small commission off of their parties. That is why they are able to hire the best. They truly understand how this business works. Keep the customers and employees happy, and then everyone will make money. There have been companies that pop up where one guy runs the business from a cell phone and sends out any guy they could find. It is never quality. They only care about making a quick dollar. A good male stripper lets the money come to him. This is an industry that needs to understand their audience. Women do not like to be forced to give money. They have no problem tipping, but it has to be under their guidelines. They need to be wooed. I have found that a lot of these younger and untrained dancers do not understand this. The Exotic Dancers at seem to understand how to make their money as well as delivering for the ladies. This business is all about being a fantasy for these ladies. A fantasy doesn’t have his hand out. A fantasy is just that, a fantasy. When you give them what they want, they will give you what you want. The key to being a great male dancer is to listen, and ad-lip when necessary. Gauge your audience, and give them the show that “they” are looking for. Don’t just go in and do the same thing every time. You need to change up your performance based on the crowd. Too many guys do not understand this. Luckily there are still a few good ones out there who do.

Exotic Dancer Game Show

By Dave Dakota

The Price is Right, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, and Deal or no deal have nothing on a new game show that is set to debut next summer. The Exotic Dancer game show will feature Exotic Dancers competing for cash and prizes. This show will feature 2 male and 2 female exotic dancers competing against each their fellow dancer, as well as the entire group. The game show will consist of a series of physical challenges. Include pole dancing, and lap dances. The same person will receive lap dances from both dancers and judge. There will be 2 scores. The first will be the live lap dance on the show, but also there will be an undercover customer who will observe both dancers at their specific clubs that they work at. The undercover score count for double of the live score. The dancers won’t know when they gave the dance, because that specific dance was filmed before they knew that they were being selected for the game show. There will also be a ton of other challenges. The top guy and top girl will then compete for a cash prize. The show is trying to get on a premium channel because of course there will be nudity. Also this is the kind of show that needs to be uncensored. That is the only way to do a show like this. There can’t be any FCC or network rules. This show needs to be hardcore and wide open to the masses. The creators of the show have said that they will delay the show as long as it takes to find the right partner. Currently 2 huge premium outlets are bidding for the show. Based on the sizzle real that was recorded last year, the show had the most interest of any show at the network up-fronts. Networks really wanted a scaled down version. There are a lot of shows on basic cable and even Network TV that have blurred out nudity. To keep this show true to the original vision, it has to be on a channel that allows nudity. The show would be compromised too much on network TV or even a cable network. Get ready for the next big thing. The experts predict that this show will have a Jersey Shore or Chappeles Show buzz when it hits the air. Pop culture is about to get its next Monday morning talking point. Cannot wait to experience this ride!

Exotic MMA Fighter

By Dave Dakota

You never know the capabilities of someone you see out at a bar or any public setting. For a female exotic dancer who recently had her first MMA fight, looks could be deceiving. I talked to Emily Blanchard about her new love, as well as keeping her night job.

DD: First of all, how do you work as an exotic dancer when you have a black eye?

EB: Makeup is pretty amazing (laughs). I mean, I am pretty good, so it’s rare that I have any scratches. I was a high school wrestling champion. And I wrestled boys. I have been doing golden gloves since I was 8. I just happen to also be cute, and make money as an exotic dancer. I love both of my jobs. They both make me feel great. I plan on doing both until I am making so much money fighting, and that I am so famous that exotic dancing doesn’t make any sense. And by the way, if I got super famous, I would do tours of the strip clubs and be a feature dancer. Those bitches make a ton of money (laughs).

DD: So you’ve been fighting your whole life. Why did you just turn pro recently?

EB: I promised my dad that I wouldn’t take my first pro fight until I was 21. Last year I did a lot of traveling, so I made my debut at 22. I think it was the perfect time. I was 13-0 as an amateur. I plan on fighting in the big shows very soon! I just want to get 5 or 6 fights under my belt, and then go for the UFC belt. I am a 105 pounder so I want to spend the next year adding 10 pounds of muscle while still keeping my agility to fight for the UFC 115 pound title. I walk around at 116. So I definitely need to put on muscle to compete with these girls. I honestly think I could win the title today, but I want to always be the absolute best version of myself that I can be. So I want to do it the right way. This way I will have the confidence to destroy any opponent that I get in the cage with.

DD: Have you ever had to use your training on a customer?

EB: Yes, but I will not talk about that on the record here. (laughs).


Exotic Dancer Radio

By Dave Dakota

An all exotic dancer radio stat5ion is coming to Providence. IT is all top secret, but it will be a terrestrial station. This new brand will start in providence as a test market and then move to stations all across the country when the format proves to be successful. I talked to the creator of this new format Max McNeil about his new radio franchise.

DD: Why did you decide to use Providence as a test market?

MM: There were 10 cities in the mix. We felt that Providence would be a good test market because it is just your normal city, and we want to prove that this format will work everywhere. We already have one of the big guys ready to put us on 50 stations. We just need proof of concept. We plan on making this thing huge. We are going to start out by partnering with local clubs in each city doing live broadcasts and events with them.

DD: Is there an audience for this?

MM: Our research shows that there is a huge interest in the life of exotic dancers, and we think we could have a top 5 station in all of the important demos.

DD: What kind of programming do you plan on rolling out?

MM: The main shows will be talk shows, and we will have some music shows. We have some compelling and hilarious characters that will launch this station. These guys live wild lives. All of that will be must listen to radio. The female dancers will also have their own shows. We plan on having the best talk station in the country. They will cover everything. We even have MMA and Fantasy Football shows planned! This thing is going to be fun. No one does 24/7 like talk radio anymore. We will always be live and we will make all of these properties 100% local. I think being local is a very important part of radio. We will ne4ver have syndicated programming and we will never do anything pre-recorded. We want to be at the pulse of everything going on.

DD: When does the station debut?

MM: We are looking at the first quarter of next year. We do not want to rush this thing out. Our facility is top notch, and the staff we have put together is amazing. Get ready for a radio shakeup coming soon!

SXSS Festival

By Dave Dakota

The SXSW festival is about to get some competition. Well not really, but a SXSS festival will be kicking off this year coinciding with the SXSW festival. SXSS stands for South by Sexy Strippers and features the hottest male and female exotic dancers in all of Austin. I talked to the founder of this new festival Lexi Morgan about her new venture.

DD: So what made you create this SXSS festival?

LM: To me SXSW is the coolest festival ever. I have been to Lollapalooza, Coachella, and even some festivals in Europe. SXSW is the most fun I have ever had. And living here in Austin, SXSW is a big part of my life. I have worked as an Exotic Dancer for the past 5 years, and my boyfriend has been in male exotic dancer. So we talked to a bunch of our friends in the industry and decided to start this festival.

DD: What can we expect at SXSS?

LM: A bunch of beautiful strippers doing revue shows, and a make shift strip club. Also we will have pole dancing class sections, etc.  We are expecting 20,000 people this year, and expect to have 100,000 by year 3.

DD: Do you think that having this SXSS festival coinciding with the SXSW festival will bring you a bigger crowd?

LM: Totally! That is the point of having it the same weekend. We want to have this open minded audience to come check us out. Our fest doesn’t even start until 9PM. So we are hoping to have the people leave the SXSW festival and come party with us. I of course will be at both festivals. I love the thought of us being a part of this weekend. We want our festival to be engrained in the whole SXSW experience. Also we have the most attractive dancers in the world. Our male and female dancers are all top notch.

DD: What would be considered a success for you?

LM: If we can make $1 in profit that would be a huge success. We plan on losing money, but based on the initial response, there is a chance that this thing could be extremely profitable. So if we turn a profit in year 1, look out! We will be guns blazin.

DD: Looks like this thing has the potential to be huge! I am excited to see the success of this festival. Best of luck to you.

Exotic Dancer Haunted House

By Dave Dakota

Imagine if you went to a haunted house where every witch you saw was topless? And if the haunted house ended with a Haunted Strip Club where you can get dances from the actors who just tried to scare your face off? Brandy Martell has had this vision for many years, and this coming Halloween will be bringing this Haunted Strip Club to a few yet to be named test cities. This isn’t your small time Haunted House, this this is massive with movie quality costumes and props. I talked to Brandy about this scary new adventure

DD: So how did you come up with this concept?

BM: I have always been into horror movies. And what is the one staple of every old school Horror movie? Attractive people running around naked! That is something that the haunted house industry has not embraced. The sexuality in horror movies is all over the place. In face most people in horror movies get killed while or after having sex. I wanted to bring that sexuality to a haunted house. I wanted the night to end with a great club where you could get drinks and lap dances with the girls. Thus I created the Haunted Strip Club. It is truly set up like an old school 70’s strip club, but it is haunted. The ghouls and ghosts are all of the dead strippers. In the beginning of the show, the audience is told of a great massacre that happened many years ago, and you as the patrons are the first people entering these haunted grounds in almost 40 years. I think it is a great concept and something completely original. Then after getting scared to death, you get to get a lap dance or watch the girls dance on stage. It is a fun night for both male and females. Believe me, you will be scared too! It is a frightening haunted house, despite the eye candy. I wanted that part to be a home run. I think we created what I set out to create.

DD: You are doing 3 test cities, is your ultimate plan to take this thing all around the country?

BM: Yes! We first of course have to prove that the concept works and is profitable.  This show is very expensive, so to make the kind of money I need to make this thing successful, I need a lot of sold out shows.

DD: I cannot wait to see this. I will see you there Halloween night!

Kansas City BBQ and Exotic Dancers

By Dave Dakota

Are there 2 things in the world better than exotic dancers and BBQ? What if I told you that you can get both under one roof? And not just any BBQ, Kansas City BBQ! The best BBQ mixed with the hottest exotic dancers. This establishment will have both male and female exotic dancers with a BBQ restaurant in the middle. It is the ultimate play for Bachelor parties and Bachelorette parties. Even if you are a light eater, they have thought of everything. There is a female friendly light menu for the girls who aren’t looking to have a big meal. Of course for the guys, they can get anything from a BBQ and Bacon burger to a slab of ribs with all the trimmings. They truly have thought of everything including a male revue show once a month from the world famous MEN The Show from Chicago. They will be performing every month to get the place started off with a bang. The male and female strip clubs will be 24 hour establishments. The restaurant will also have breakfast and brunch options. You can go back and forth from the club to the strip club. The biggest joke is that the dancers will be full of BBQ sauce. That is not the case. There are plenty of sanitizing stations before entering the strip clubs. Ladies and guys can have the time of their lives. This is the perfect place for co-ed Bachelorette and Bachelor parties. The place already has reservations through next year! The point of this venue was to create a destination spot not only for people in Kansas City but throughout the entire country. It is truly one of a kind, and will take 2 industries that have never been put together into a marriage that proves that opposites really do attract. This is a bold venture, but the first impression has been great. Also it doesn’t hurt that it has some of the best BBQ in all of Kansas City. I know that that is a bold statement, but the food is amazing. The dancers are even hotter than the BBQ. This is definitely worth checking out. You will be back, that much I can guarantee. This really is an adult playground. Grand opening is next month, but the soft opening is in 2 weeks. You get the hottest exotic dancers and BBQ. What could be better?