Exotic Dancer Game Show

By Dave Dakota

The Price is Right, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, and Deal or no deal have nothing on a new game show that is set to debut next summer. The Exotic Dancer game show will feature Exotic Dancers competing for cash and prizes. This show will feature 2 male and 2 female exotic dancers competing against each their fellow dancer, as well as the entire group. The game show will consist of a series of physical challenges. Include pole dancing, and lap dances. The same person will receive lap dances from both dancers and judge. There will be 2 scores. The first will be the live lap dance on the show, but also there will be an undercover customer who will observe both dancers at their specific clubs that they work at. The undercover score count for double of the live score. The dancers won’t know when they gave the dance, because that specific dance was filmed before they knew that they were being selected for the game show. There will also be a ton of other challenges. The top guy and top girl will then compete for a cash prize. The show is trying to get on a premium channel because of course there will be nudity. Also this is the kind of show that needs to be uncensored. That is the only way to do a show like this. There can’t be any FCC or network rules. This show needs to be hardcore and wide open to the masses. The creators of the show have said that they will delay the show as long as it takes to find the right partner. Currently 2 huge premium outlets are bidding for the show. Based on the sizzle real that was recorded last year, the show had the most interest of any show at the network up-fronts. Networks really wanted a scaled down version. There are a lot of shows on basic cable and even Network TV that have blurred out nudity. To keep this show true to the original vision, it has to be on a channel that allows nudity. The show would be compromised too much on network TV or even a cable network. Get ready for the next big thing. The experts predict that this show will have a Jersey Shore or Chappeles Show buzz when it hits the air. Pop culture is about to get its next Monday morning talking point. Cannot wait to experience this ride!