The Male Stripper Apparel

The Male Stripper Apparel

By Dave Dakota

3 Gentleman’s clubs are about to try something that has never been done in the Exotic dancer industry. Starting next year, there will be a new standard clothing line for the dancers. This is a brand new clothing line designed by one of the founders of the club. The hope is to make this new clothing line a full out designer clothing line that can be worn at the gym, work, and everyday clothing. I talked to the creator of this new clothing line John Zarvelos.

DD: So what made you decide to get your dancers wearing your clothing?

JZ: It is kind of that Abercrombie mentality. I have beautiful people wear my clothing and it will take off from there. These guys at my club are absolutely ripped. They are the perfect models to show off my clothes.

DD: Are you doing the same thing with the female line?

JZ: You know it. I am already working out a deal with multiple clubs. I want these entertainers to have my entire line and only wear my clothes. I plan on supplying them with a full wardrobe.

DD: Do you plan on getting other sponsors outside the exotic dancing industry?

JZ: Yes, and it is completely opposite from the exotic dancing industry. I want my brand to be huge. I am looking for the perfect opportunities in all industries. I knew that the exotic dancer industry would be a great one to get some press and to have the clothes worn by people who can really make my clothes look good. This other thing I have in the works will also make a huge impact. I am curious to see the media reaction when they see the next sponsorship. I don’t plan on starting that up for at least another six months though. I have 20 of the hottest male and female exotic dancers who I plan on making the face of my company. We will be doing photo shoots, videos, etc.

DD: Is this high end fashion?

JZ: It is very affordable. I want my line to be the highest quality, and at a price point where everyone can afford it. That to me is what makes a great brand.

DD: I am excited to see these photo shoots.  Good luck and I look forward to seeing your launch.

JZ: Thank you! I am excited to show off what I have been working on for the past five years.