SXSS Festival

By Dave Dakota

The SXSW festival is about to get some competition. Well not really, but a SXSS festival will be kicking off this year coinciding with the SXSW festival. SXSS stands for South by Sexy Strippers and features the hottest male and female exotic dancers in all of Austin. I talked to the founder of this new festival Lexi Morgan about her new venture.

DD: So what made you create this SXSS festival?

LM: To me SXSW is the coolest festival ever. I have been to Lollapalooza, Coachella, and even some festivals in Europe. SXSW is the most fun I have ever had. And living here in Austin, SXSW is a big part of my life. I have worked as an Exotic Dancer for the past 5 years, and my boyfriend has been in male exotic dancer. So we talked to a bunch of our friends in the industry and decided to start this festival.

DD: What can we expect at SXSS?

LM: A bunch of beautiful strippers doing revue shows, and a make shift strip club. Also we will have pole dancing class sections, etc.  We are expecting 20,000 people this year, and expect to have 100,000 by year 3.

DD: Do you think that having this SXSS festival coinciding with the SXSW festival will bring you a bigger crowd?

LM: Totally! That is the point of having it the same weekend. We want to have this open minded audience to come check us out. Our fest doesn’t even start until 9PM. So we are hoping to have the people leave the SXSW festival and come party with us. I of course will be at both festivals. I love the thought of us being a part of this weekend. We want our festival to be engrained in the whole SXSW experience. Also we have the most attractive dancers in the world. Our male and female dancers are all top notch.

DD: What would be considered a success for you?

LM: If we can make $1 in profit that would be a huge success. We plan on losing money, but based on the initial response, there is a chance that this thing could be extremely profitable. So if we turn a profit in year 1, look out! We will be guns blazin.

DD: Looks like this thing has the potential to be huge! I am excited to see the success of this festival. Best of luck to you.