Exotic Dancer Haunted House

By Dave Dakota

Imagine if you went to a haunted house where every witch you saw was topless? And if the haunted house ended with a Haunted Strip Club where you can get dances from the actors who just tried to scare your face off? Brandy Martell has had this vision for many years, and this coming Halloween will be bringing this Haunted Strip Club to a few yet to be named test cities. This isn’t your small time Haunted House, this this is massive with movie quality costumes and props. I talked to Brandy about this scary new adventure

DD: So how did you come up with this concept?

BM: I have always been into horror movies. And what is the one staple of every old school Horror movie? Attractive people running around naked! That is something that the haunted house industry has not embraced. The sexuality in horror movies is all over the place. In face most people in horror movies get killed while or after having sex. I wanted to bring that sexuality to a haunted house. I wanted the night to end with a great club where you could get drinks and lap dances with the girls. Thus I created the Haunted Strip Club. It is truly set up like an old school 70’s strip club, but it is haunted. The ghouls and ghosts are all of the dead strippers. In the beginning of the show, the audience is told of a great massacre that happened many years ago, and you as the patrons are the first people entering these haunted grounds in almost 40 years. I think it is a great concept and something completely original. Then after getting scared to death, you get to get a lap dance or watch the girls dance on stage. It is a fun night for both male and females. Believe me, you will be scared too! It is a frightening haunted house, despite the eye candy. I wanted that part to be a home run. I think we created what I set out to create.

DD: You are doing 3 test cities, is your ultimate plan to take this thing all around the country?

BM: Yes! We first of course have to prove that the concept works and is profitable.  This show is very expensive, so to make the kind of money I need to make this thing successful, I need a lot of sold out shows.

DD: I cannot wait to see this. I will see you there Halloween night!