Exotic Dancer Radio

By Dave Dakota

An all exotic dancer radio stat5ion is coming to Providence. IT is all top secret, but it will be a terrestrial station. This new brand will start in providence as a test market and then move to stations all across the country when the format proves to be successful. I talked to the creator of this new format Max McNeil about his new radio franchise.

DD: Why did you decide to use Providence as a test market?

MM: There were 10 cities in the mix. We felt that Providence would be a good test market because it is just your normal city, and we want to prove that this format will work everywhere. We already have one of the big guys ready to put us on 50 stations. We just need proof of concept. We plan on making this thing huge. We are going to start out by partnering with local clubs in each city doing live broadcasts and events with them.

DD: Is there an audience for this?

MM: Our research shows that there is a huge interest in the life of exotic dancers, and we think we could have a top 5 station in all of the important demos.

DD: What kind of programming do you plan on rolling out?

MM: The main shows will be talk shows, and we will have some music shows. We have some compelling and hilarious characters that will launch this station. These guys live wild lives. All of that will be must listen to radio. The female dancers will also have their own shows. We plan on having the best talk station in the country. They will cover everything. We even have MMA and Fantasy Football shows planned! This thing is going to be fun. No one does 24/7 like talk radio anymore. We will always be live and we will make all of these properties 100% local. I think being local is a very important part of radio. We will ne4ver have syndicated programming and we will never do anything pre-recorded. We want to be at the pulse of everything going on.

DD: When does the station debut?

MM: We are looking at the first quarter of next year. We do not want to rush this thing out. Our facility is top notch, and the staff we have put together is amazing. Get ready for a radio shakeup coming soon!