Stripper Sushi

By Vince Leona

There have been many movies that portray people eating food off of a beautiful naked body. Until now, that was only in the movies. Thanks to Rodney Kim’s new vision, for an extra $500-$5000 dollars, you can eat sushi of some of the most beautiful Exotic Dancers in the country. I talked to Rodney about this new business.

VL: So you took a fantasy and made it reality!

RK: Yes sir! I have always thought it was amazing when you would see people eat off of the body of a naked girl. I found some of the most beautiful girls in the world and made it a reality!

VL: So are all of these girls Exotic Dancers?

RK: Yes we have Exotic Dancers, but we also have a lot of models who work for us.

VL: So I can come in there and get a couple rolls and I get to pick the girl I want to eat off of?

RK: Exactly! The girls set their own price so we have girls as low as $300 to girls as high as $10,000.

VL: I bet that creates come awkward conversations.

RK: believe it or not, the girls are a great way to break the ice! Our girls have great personalities. So it is a pleasant experience.

VL: Can I come in there alone and get a girl?

RK: Our rule is that we only offer this with groups of 4 or more! We don’t want a guy to come in alone and think he is on a date. We want the creepy factor to not exist.

VL: Do you find that the guys eat a lot quicker because they want to see whats going on underneath!

RK: Ha! We definitely have seen that. However, once the food is gone the girls get up. So it is in their best interest to eat at a normal pace.

VL: How about the opposite? Do parties ever eat super slowly to keep the girl around?

RK: Yes but we have a forty five minute limit for dinner! We can’t make our girls lay there all night! Also remember that they only come out when the food is ready so it doesn’t take much longer than 45 minutes to eat sushi! It is an overall great experience and a lot of fun.

VL: Any thoughts of doing this with guys also?

RK: Actually yes, we are opening up another restaurant in Vegas where we will offer that in private rooms.

VL: How many rolls can these girls hold? They aren’t big girls.

RK: You would be surprised! We had a professional basketball team here with a party of 20 and she came out pretty much filled head to toe with sushi. It was an amazing site! They have been back 3 times since then because they were so impressed with the food, girl, and service! We truly offer a complete unique experience.

VL: I will see you soon. Cannot wait to see your place.