Exotic Dancer Boot Camp

By Vince Leona

Is there anything worse than a stripper who can’t dance, or even worse one that is not in shape? Dana Larkin was a former Marine who became a Stripper. She was always in amazing shape, and made the most money at her club. Dana took another girl named Jessica under her wing and before you knew it, Jessica was the 2nd biggest money earner at the club! The club owner was so impressed that he asked Dana to start training some of his other girls, and Dana’s amazing work led to a 350% profit increase at the club. Dana worked with 25 of the 40 girls at the clubs. Out of the 25, 20 of them were the top 20 earners at the club. This gave Dana an idea. If she could turn around flabby or lazy exotic dancers at her club, why couldn’t she do it for other clubs and dancers? So Dana started up an Exotic Dancer Boot camp. I talked to Dana about her ground breaking new program.

VL: So how do you do it? How did you get a 350% profit increase at your original club?

DL: Well I walked the walk so I am not able to show these people how to become successful! A lot of it is obvious, clean eating and exercise. But the main thing is to have a clear cut goal when you wake up! You have to want this! Nothing is handed to you. I start off by working with the psyche. You need to wake up every day and scream that you will win today! You will make that next step. You will get to that next level. You can’t quit. You have to take the day by the horns and run with it. I like to then put together manageable goals. Have pride in what you do. If you are an exotic dancer, it is unacceptable to be flabby. It is unacceptable to be lazy. You need to want to make money, perform, and have fun. It the perfect storm for success. If even one of those three goals are not be strived for, then you will not be successful. It doesn’t take a long time to see your body transform. And that is the thing that people need to get them in the right mindset. They need to see their hard work paying off. I change the way they think, and then they are able to make the physical change.

VL: You sound like a miracle worker. What has your hardest task been?

DL: I just signed a deal for a reality show where I will be working with a strip club in Washington DC that is losing tons of money. All of the girls there are overweight and lazy. This will by far be my hardest task, but I will not let it derail me. These girls need to shape up or get out! I plan on turning this club from a place that has lost money 3 years in a row, to one of the most profitable in Atlanta! It all starts with the girls. If they are delivering, then everything else all follows it!

VL: Will you have time to do the TV show with you other business.

DL: Of course! I am a master at multi-tasking. I have always had to wear many hats. This will be nothing new for me. I just got to keep my eye on the prize!

VL: I can only imagine what a successful reality show could do for your company!

DL: We are hoping that it takes us to the next level. We are ready to explode!