Exotic Dancer Coloring Books

There is a new coloring book coming out that is not for kids! Michelle Derothe is the creator of a new Coloring book series featuring Exotic Dancers. Michelle who worked at strip clubs for 3 years while putting herself though Art school has now combined these 2 arts and has put together something completely unique. I talked to Michelle about her new Exotic Dancer coloring book series.

VL: Do you expect adult to color the pages, or is it just more of a collector’s item?

MD: Believe it or not, a lot of people actually are coloring in the pages. We had a contest on Twitter for the best pictures. We had over 1200 entries. When I first started this, I didn’t think I would even sell 1200 copies. To have that many be the quote “freaks” who are coloring it in is awesome! And to answer your question, yes a lot of people actually color them in. It is fun to give girl purple boobs!

VL: What is your target audience?

MD: The Exotic Dancer industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. That will of course be our main demo, but we have found that a large part of our audience is a group that loves the stories. We do a really funny story and it alone has found its fans.

VL: Tell me about what the story is about?

MD: It’s about a group of Exotic dancers who live crazy super hero-esque lives. Penelope Poppers is the main character. She has a lot of super hero tendencies. And a lot of her crime fighting moves are the same moves that she does at the strip club.

VL: What are some of your favorite fight scenes from the coloring book?

MD: Penelope once wrapped her legs around a guy’s head and broke his neck. He had just robbed and murdered two senior citizens. Penelope is like the female version of Spider Man if he was a stripper.

VL: How many issues have you done so far, and do you have a number in mind where you will stop?

MD: We have done 53 issues so far. As far as stopping, I don’t see a stopping point anywhere soon. See I look at this like a comic book, only the fans get to decide the colors. I never have nor will I ever release any pictures of the characters in color. This way, you can decide the colors that Penelope and the other girls wear.

VL: That’s pretty interesting! All other major characters have always been seen somewhere in color. What if you guys ever did a movie or TV show?

MD: Funny you mention that because a TV show is in the works. There will be no color. It will look like the uncolored pages in the coloring book. I think it will separate us from the rest.

VL: That should be fun! Sounds like you really stumbled upon your own niche. I wish you nothing but success in the future.