Exotic Dancer Light Show

The world of exotic dancing has been through many phases. Clubs, owners, and the exotic dancers themselves have tried tons of different ways to make their brand more attractive. Tons of fly by night ideas have come and gone, but Charles McNeil has come up with what he thinks will be the next big thing. McNeil, a lighting engineer has created light up outfits for exotic dancers. These are outfits that will make the dancers light up the club that they are dancing at. Picture Michael Jackson’s most elaborating outfits but only instead on a stripper. Exotic Dancers are constantly looking for a way to separate themselves from other exotic dancers. These light suits give them that edge that they are looking for. I talked to Charles about his major breakthrough.

VL: How did you come up with this idea?

CM: It was pretty simple! I was designing suits for a race team for night races. My daughter’s best friend worked as an exotic dancer and asked if she could try on one of the suites. She asked if she could wear it to the club that night and it was a major breakthrough for her! She got all of the attention on her! She also made a ton of money that night.

VL: How much do these cost?

CM: They are pretty expensive, but they make their money back in a month. She made triple the money that she normally made that night. These light suites are exactly what an exotic dancer needs to make them their own entity at a club.

VL: How many girls have bought these?

CM: Each club starts with one girl and before you know it, I cannot keep up with the demand. It has taken the industry by storm. Exotic dancers have really found a niche with these suits.

VL: I understand that these suits saved your life too?

CM: Yes! I got a flat tire in a dark area of the road. I got out of my car to change the tire. I had a bunch of the light suits in the back. Right when I popped open the trunk, they lit up my entire area and a truck that was about to hit me swerved out of the way. They truly saved my life! I think that I was meant to create these. It has given me a direction in life and is something truly amazing.

VL: Where can people get these?

CM: I will be at all of the major shows as well as my website! However, we are trying to keep them club exclusive. So in each town, we offer licensing fees where they get exclusive rights to the suits. That keeps them special and keeps them in high demand. The minute that they are available to everyone is the minute that the girls move on to the next thing!

VL: Truly amazing product!

CM: That you! I plan on taking these suits all around the world! I have only begun!