The New Backup Plan

By Vince Leona

Elite athletes have a shelf life of about 5 years. They are still amazing athletes when their pro career is over, but they cannot cut it anymore as a pro. So where do these amazing athletes do when the pro career is over? Billy Jonathan Decor an entrepreneur from Portland has given these guys a second lease on life with his new Male Revue show that features former pro athletes from the NBA, NFL, UFC, MLB, and NHL to name a few. These guys get to be in the spotlight again, and they are really finding that the spotlight doesn’t have to go away when they get cut! I spoke to Billy about his new venture.

VL: How did this new venture come about?

BJD: Well I was a college athlete myself and was struggling to find the next step in life. I am very athletic, and love entertaining. I became a part of a male revue, and quickly found that I was much more committed to the show than everyone else. My work ethic is second to none, and I decided to start up my own show. I didn’t want to hire a bunch of lazy guys who were doing this for extra money. I wanted to get elite athletes that I could groom into great performers. So I called up a few friends that I played ball with, and now I have put together a male revue show like no other.

VL: What is the difference in playing college football, and a male revue?

BJD: Well the main difference is that my audience went from almost all men to all women. I got to admit, performing for 300 screaming women is much more rewarding than 50,000 men.

VL: Do you get the same rush from your male revue show as you did scoring a touchdown?

BJD: A much bigger rush! Seeing women go bananas for you is something that you can never get enough of!

VL: I read that you have some former UFC guys working for you. How did that come about?

BJD: MMA fighters are probably the athletes that are in the best shape from any sport. These guys are very gifted athletes; it was a no brainer for us. These guys have the charisma and athleticism to put on an amazing show! By the way if any other MMA fighters want to become a part of my revue show, hit me up! I have had only great experiences with MMA guys.

VL: Also it doesn’t hurt to have guys who are already established to get your male revue show an instant audience.

BJD: You are exactly correct! Our guys each have between 10,000, and 1,000,000 Twitter followers! We can get the message directly to their fans. I had no idea how many women loved sports. These guys each have their own cult following, and now we are taking them to the mainstream.

VL: What has been the most rewarding part of this new venture?

BJD: Definitely the best part has been calling the shots and being my own boss!

VL: Looking forward to seeing Chuck Liddell and Tom Brady working for you soon!

BJD: (Laughs).