It’s A Man’s World

By Vince Leona

The male stripper has had a definite resurgence in the past year. The industry is up nearly 35% and there is no sign of it slowing down anytime soon! Male strippers have been under the radar for a long time. Many of them make an excellent living, but with the recent Magic Mike phenomenon, they have been in higher demand than ever. In fact business has been so good that many male strippers have quit their day job. In an industry dominated by women, it is good to see the guys get their due! They have always worked just as hard as the ladies, but were kind of in the background. Well that is no longer the case!

Male strippers in a lot of cases are now making more money than the ladies. These guys are fulfilling a fantasy for women. Whether they have always wanted a hot fireman to save them, or want a guy who looks like Thor to throw them around. Women are now seeing why their male counterparts have enjoyed getting strippers for such a long time. Women are just now seeing how much fun it is to have a guy strip for them. A lot of women are afraid to say exactly what they want. But with the popularity of “50 Shades of Grey” they are obviously ready to make their voices heard. No longer will they sit in the background and let the boys have all of the fun. They are ready to roar! These women want to be heard! They want to be loud and in your face. If they want to get a male stripper, than that’s exactly what they are going to do!

Women have really become like guys in the past year! They are not afraid to talk about sex, and aren’t afraid to say what they want. Because of this new aggressive attitude, Stripping has really become a man’s world! The men are now in a lot of cases in higher demand than the women. National Male Stripper websites like have been overwhelmed with the amount of orders that come in. The ladies voices have been heard and men can now make a good living from stripping. It is no longer a weekend job. Stripping has become a great career for handsome and athletic guys! Who wouldn’t want women screaming and throwing money at them?

The most successful strippers treat it like a career. They work out every day, watch what they eat, and are always on the cusp of the next big thing. Jessie James a stripper in Los Angeles has incorporated “Gangnam Style” into his routine! The ladies can’t get enough, especially when he is in his Cowboy Hat. It is all about having fun and entertaining your audience. Jessie told me that if he isn’t having fun, then he knows that the ladies aren’t having fun. Since his job is to bring the fun to the ladies, he takes it seriously. Congrats guys! You have proven once again that it’s a man’s world!