The Male Stripper Virtual Experience

By Vince Leona

Jonas McCean a male stripper in Miami Beach has taken his male stripper show to the internet. He is making more money online than he did when he worked at a club. I talked to Jonas about his online strip club.

VL: How did you conceive this amazing idea?

JM: Well believe it or not, I am a huge geek. I definitely didn’t become a butterfly until I was out of high school. So throughout all of high school and college, I was a web designer. I started stripping at a club, and thought I would try to do my own thing. Here I am a year later with over 500 subscribers.

VL: How do you make money off of this and how does your site work?

JM: Well I charge $24.99 a month and also do private shows for $200 that last 30 minutes. I do 2 live shows a day for my subscribers where they can interact and tell me what they want me to do. Also they can watch archives of any shows they missed.

VL: The most shocking this is that you have been successful without doing anything too graphic. All you do is strip and dance.

JM: Yes there is no sex on my site. I think my personality is what draws the girls in. They are all actually really cool. Of course you have your handful of creepers. But besides that, I love my viewers. They know that they are just there to have fun. And that is the vibe I give off.

VL: Any plans to bring in other guys and expand?

JM: Maybe, but right now I am being greedy and want all the money for myself. A lot of my boys from the club have asked if they can join my site, but I have been hesitant. I know that more guys will generate more money in the long run, but I don’t want to let someone crash my party unless they really have something to offer. I am very happy with the well over six figures that I am making. But of course, there is always a chance that I could expand in the future.

VL: When the looks fade, you might want to get this business going. Then you can keep making money and won’t have to work so hard.

JM: That is a great point. But I am only 24 so I have a long way to go.

VL: What else do you have planned in the future? At 24 your smarts and looks have created quite the income for yourself.

JM: I want to use the same technology believe it or not to give guitar lessons. I am actually a really good guitar player, and want to see if I can teach a virtual guitar class.

VL: Wow! Totally didn’t think you were going to say that. You are proof that new technology opens the doors for many things if you have the smarts and passion!