Let’s Dance

By Vince Leona

The dancing aspect of the Male Stripper is much more important than their female counterparts. The male stripper is held at a much higher standard. Women want to see these guys dance! They want to be blown away by their moves. I recently talked to a male stripper named Anthony who told me about his journey to becoming a feature dancer.

VL: How long have you been a male stripper?

A: Started right after college and now I am 25 years old. So it has been a little over 3 years.


VL: What is your athletic background, because it is obvious that you are a very athletic guy?

A: I actually wrestled in College. I was an all American 3 years. It definitely is how I learned to stay in elite shape. My physique has always been something that I have always been proud of! Since I stopped wrestling, I have put on a lot of muscle, because I don’t have to drop weight anymore. So my physique is must more defined now. If you are going to be in the field, you have to look the part, and I work very hard to do just that.


VL: So is this a full time job for you?

A: Yep! This is it! This is my new career. I love it! Just like wrestling, I study all of the greats before me. “Magic Mike” had a huge influence on me. I took my dancing serious before that, but when I saw the women’s reactions to that movie, it made me step up my game.


VL: Well you are probably the best dancer I have ever seen. And I know a lot of Male Strippers. I know you didn’t learn those moves on the wrestling mat?

A: Ha! Thanks for noticing. Well I have always loved dancing when I am out at the club. But I learned a lot of moves from guys like John Travolta, and Patrick Swayze. They are icons, and I figured they were the kind of guys that I would want to emulate when putting together my routine. I would watch the DVD for hours and perfect the moves. Now I have added in a lot of my own riffs. I have truly created something completely original. I am now a feature dancer at clubs around the country, and it has been really rewarding mentally, and financially.


VL: You are like a great quarterback studying Joe Montana. That is great! What advice would you give a guy trying to get into the industry?

A: The best advice is to treat it like a job! It is a great job. Where else can you go to work and have hundreds of women screaming your name? But you have to remember that it is still a job. There is not much room for male strippers who are not dependable. Don’t just be on time, be early! Show your boss that you are not like some of the slackers. The more you put into this field, the more you will get out of it!