Strippers are still the top draw at Bachelor Parties

By Dave Dakota

Poker tournaments, paintball, baseball games, whirly ball, and every other Bachelor party activity that seems to be the norm these days all take a backseat to the old school standard in Bachelor Party Entertainment. That’s right; the stripper is still the top draw at Bachelor Parties. A lot of guys these days say that they do not want strippers at their Bachelor Parties. That seems to just be something that they feel they need to say. The guys who do not want strippers, it seems as though actually do want strippers, but do not want to be embarrassed in front of their friends, future father in law, dad, etc. The stripper is the main event! Everyone goes to a Bachelor party hoping to see a stripper. That is the draw. That is the reason that married guys clear their schedule and risk having their wives not talk to them. If you are planning a Bachelor party, a stripper is a must! Don’t even consider that his “friends” might not be into it! They answer is yes! All guys want to see a hot girl take her clothes off. All guys whether they say it out loud or not are coming for the star attraction. Paint ball is not as fun as a hot girl taking it all off. I was at a Bachelor party last week. We had a very tense poker game going on. Everyone was really serious, until the girls came in. This poker game from super tight to everyone going all in. I have never seen these serious poker players completely lose concentration. It was obvious that poker was no longer the priority. They were obviously there for another reason. I am not saying not to plan out other activities. Every headliner needs an opening act to warm up the croup. A baseball game or other pre Bachelor party activities that I mentioned earlier are all a great addition to the headliner. And get it straight! The stripper is the headliner. The peak of your party will be when the ladies walk in. Do not plan a Bachelor party without making sure that the entertainment is taken care of. You will regret it in the long run. I went to a Bachelor Party once that didn’t have strippers. It was a night out to dinner with the boys, and a bar afterwards. That to me is not a Bachelor Party. What I just described is a Saturday night with the guys. Adding a stripper to the mix would have changed things up and given it that Bachelor Party feel. Instead I left the party completely unsatisfied. Don’t make your friends leave unsatisfied. Think about the entire group. Think about how you are in charge of fun for the evening. You need to step it up and make sure you put on an award winning night. Not only will your friends never forget the night, but your buddy who is getting married will return the favor when you are up to bat!