I Discovered a Superstar

By Dave Dakota

I have been covering female strippers for a long time! I know more female strippers than Kanye West in his prime. I have covered so many different stories, and have been to just about every grand opening. Many of the girls I meet are very talented. Usually, I just do my assignment, and then head home. But last year, I met a girl names Shannon. The minute I set my eyes on her, I knew that there was something special about her. I meet gorgeous girls every day, but Shannon took my breath away. She had been a female stripper for a little over a year, and not to my surprise, she had quickly become the most popular girl at the club. On top of her gorgeous looks, she had the most amazing personality. She was a natural on stage, and I wondered if her looks, charisma, and personality would translate behind the camera. I called in a few favors, and had some of my casting call buddies take a look at her. They were blown away! She had never done a minute of acting, but they said that she shined like someone that had been acting since she was a little girl. I knew that I had discovered something special, and my Hollywood friends verified it. Shannon continued her night job as a female stripper, but then did casting calls during the day hours. Before long, Shannon booked her first gig on a soap opera. After the soap opera Shannon quickly got a small part in a movie. About a year into her acting career, Shannon had to retire as a female stripper. Things were really booming. She called me last month to tell me the great news that she had her first lead in a huge summer blockbuster coming out this year. She thanked me for using my connections to get her into the entertainment world. Sometimes you just know that you are around someone that is not like everyone else. You have to know that you are around someone who should be entertaining the masses. Shannon to me had all of those qualities. To this day, I have not met another female stripper, waitress, barista, or bartender that has those qualities. Shannon is a superstar, and it is amazing to be around one. This is a lesson to everyone who could help people that need to be lead to the promise land. Kindness wins out! If you can help someone, then do it! When I saw Shannon, I knew in my heart that there was something there. I knew that she needed help. She needed someone to lead her down the right path. I have some amazing connections, and I would not have called in a favor unless I knew in my heart that she was going to deliver. Shannon not only delivered, but my friends in Hollywood joke with me asking when I am going to deliver them the next superstar. I always say, you never know. I might find the next superstar at the mall, and perhaps on a pole near you.