Strippers are your new BFF

By Vince Leona

Many girls look at strippers like they are a threat. But according to Sarah Bickerville a waitress from Los Angeles, a stripper helped her find the love of her life. Sarah was a hopeless romantic who tried just about every type of dating website and dating service that was out there. Melissa was a female stripper who loved Sarah’s diner, and would go there 3 to 4 nights a week after work. Melissa and Sarah developed a friendship. They had a mutual interest in bike riding. So every Sunday the 2 girls would go on long bike rides. Melissa and Sarah became really good friends and started hanging out with each other’s social circles. Sarah instantly fit in with Melissa’s friends, but Melissa did not get the same treatment with Sarah’s friends. Melissa was a gorgeous girl and was obviously threatening to a lot of girls. Sarah’s friends just couldn’t have Melissa around. This upset Sarah to the point where she stopped hanging out with her old friends. Sarah could not understand why the girls couldn’t look past their own insecurities. Also Sarah was ashamed to have friends who were so judgmental of Melissa being a female stripper. Sarah and Melissa’s relationship got stronger and stronger. Melissa invited Sarah to her sister’s wedding where she introduced Sarah to her brother Matt. It was love at first sight and Sarah and Matt were inseparable. Two years later Melissa was the maid of honor in Sarah’s wedding with Matt. The moral of the story is not to judge a book by its cover. Sarah was an awkward girl working the graveyard shift as a waitress who had trouble finding love. Melissa was a female stripper who instantly gets judged by girls the minute she tells them what she does for a living. Both of these girls found an amazing friendship, and Sarah found the love of her life. It is a good judge of character when someone can look past their differences and actually find common ground. This is how the greatest friendships are developed. The only fair way to judge people is whether or not they are a good person. Sarah and Melissa were both looking for something that they were missing and they found it in each other. Sarah lost friends standing up for what is right! If you have a friend getting brushed off by your group because of things they can’t control, you can make a stand like Sarah did. If a person has problems with people for reasons like what they do for a living, are not worth your energy. Sometimes it is hard, but you have to move on and drop the friends that are negative or that are dragging you down. Just because you have known someone the longest, that doesn’t make them your best friend. A best friend is based on who makes you a better person. Sarah and Melissa made each other better people. So maybe one day a female stripper will become your BFF. Keep your eyes open and your life might take a turn for the better.