Play With Your Phone

By Vince Leona

They say that you can literally do anything with your phone. Until now, there was one thing you couldn’t do with it, and that is give yourself pleasure. Well thanks to Delaware’s Peter Drakelle, your phone can now be used as an adult toy. I interviewed Peter about his new invention

VL: So you have created a vibrator app? Tell me about it.

PD: I basically took the standard vibrating technology, and created a vibrator app. But it was not as easy as it seems. I had to create an attachment, as well as technology to make it work on all phones. From what I heard, it works amazing. Buy one for your wife or girlfriend. I guarantee she will love it!

VL: I will definitely keep that in mind. Do you own this space or do you have competitors?

PD: I own it, but I have heard that other copy cats are coming out with their own versions. My hope is that we can own the market by the time they release their inferior product. I was really upset at first, because I created the technology. But you learn fast that copying the greatest form of flattering. Also I guarantee that he will not win the money that I will make with the app.

VL: So is it your standard adult toy or is it something different?

PD: We started out with your standard vibrator, but now it has become really huge! We have over 100 attachments. We are also working on a bunch of new products using this technology.

VL: What other products are you working on?

PD: We are working on a hand buzzer connector with the phone. We are working on a shaker. We are working on a back vibrator. They are all in the early stages, but they will all be attachments for your phone! We aren’t just creating adult toys here!

VL: Wow! That sounds great. Tell me about the massager.

PD: This could be our million dollar product. We have foot and back attachments. This could really revolutionize at home massaging. With the prototypes, they work great. I picture this being a must have for people on planes, truck drivers, office workers, etc.

VL: Does the phone work while you are getting the back massage?

PD: That is an option. You can either use it in airplane mode, or leave it on.

VL: Ok back to the adult toy! How do women feel about using their phone to pleasure themselves?

PD: Hey man, there was a time when people were uncomfortable doing a lot of things with their phones. They used to have a problem with things like paying bills, using the internet, and setting their DVR. Times have changed and now we are using our phones for everything! There will be resistance at first but before you know it, the adult toy vibrating cell phone will be as popular as the rabbit.

VL: I guess people will think twice before using their friend’s phone (laughs)! Good luck, hope it’s a big success for you.