Stripper Pole Of The future

By Vince Leona

As the service, performance, and pretty much all other aspects of the strip club keep evolving, the one thing that has stayed constant is the stripper pole. The old school stripper pole is something that has been around since the early 80’s and has stayed status quo since its inception. That is all about to change. A group of scientists in San Antonio have come up with a new concept that will take the stripper pole to the next level. This isn’t your mama’s stripper pole. This one moves in many different directions, and even spins around. These next stripper poles will be available in mid-2014 and will revolutionize the strip club industry. These new Titanium poles can take your normal strip tease show to the next level. I talked to the inventor of these new revolutionary stripper poles Howard McShea.

VL: How did you come up with this invention?

HM: Well believe it or not, I started out using it for a skyscraper. We use these titanium poles to hold up hundreds of stories, so I figured that it would be a solid structure for strip clubs. I started out wanting it to be the strongest stripper pole in the world, and very quickly I decided to make it the most versatile stripper pole in the world. You have not properly enjoyed a strip club until you have seen the spinning stripper pole. Strip clubs will never be the same again! It is more than just getting excited by seeing a naked girl on stage. This is an actual visual that needs to be seen. It is simply amazing. Some girls have put together routines that are so amazing that I have a feeling they will be headlining Vegas soon.

VL: Have you talked about putting together your own strip club or show here in Vegas featuring these amazing poles.

HM: We are in very serious talks about starting a show on the strip in 2014. We want it to be like nothing else out there. So right now we are recruiting the best pole dancers in the country. Look out for us to blow your mind.

VL: But your main business is trying to get your poles into existing strip clubs. Correct?

HM: By 2016, we want our poles in every single strip club in the country! We want to be the new gold standard. We want our Vegas show to be an extreme interpretation of what our poles can do! I know that I have a game changer here! Time will tell if it can reach its full potential!

VL: The Vegas show could be huge! I think it is a completely original spin on a pretty old concept.

HM: We definitely think that we are on the verge of the next big thing. Strip shows on the strip have become boring, and strip clubs have been doing the same stuff for years. Wait until you see our show. It will blow your mind. 2014 is going to change everything!