Super Hero Adult Toys

By Vince Leona

Super Hero movies have taken our country by storm! Super heroes have become completely main stream. Fort Wayne, IN native Vanessa Brown has created a new line of adult toys that features all of your favorite super heroes. I talked to Vanessa about this new line of Super toys!

VL: So you made it possible to have sex with Batman! What a great thing you have don’t for girls everywhere!

VB: I have always been a geeky chick. Batman was the guy that I always had a crush on. I would always make my boyfriend dress up like Batman and we would have great sex. He moved for work and I was always alone and wanted to keep having sex with Batman so I started up this line of Super Hero adult toys.

VL: Is the Hulk the biggest of the toys?

VB: Of course! Followed by Batman just because you know the caped crusader is packing some heat. We made robin the smallest for obvious reasons. And Wolverine, well you got to have the ladies try the wolverine adult toy.

VL: I really liked the Flash toy. On the box it claims that the girl will climax the fastest using the Flash. Very clever!

VB: Yeah we wanted each one to be special. The Superman one is blue and it makes you feel like you are flying. The Iron Man is a stainless steel adult toy that is impossible to destroy. Believe me, we tested it out. We dropped it from a high rise building and it was still in perfect working order. The Mr. Freeze toy you can put water in and put it in the freezer. Girls who are into that kind of stimulation really love it! We have thought of just about everything.

VL: What is your best seller?

VB: Definitely the Wolverine. It has been by far our best seller. The ladies have told me that it is the perfect adult toy. And they said that they really feel like it is Wolverine when they use it.

VL: Where do you do most of your sales?

VB: The website has been huge, but the comic cons have been even bigger! We sold over $100,000 in merchandise at the San Diego Comic Con. So we are now going to every show that will have us. We haven’t matched the $100,000 number since, but of course our goal is to shatter it. We plan on opening store fronts also. We are talking to 5 different hotels in Las Vegas about a possible store. We know that our adult toys sell themselves when people see them! Especially when we get the right crowd, it is a no brainer.

VL: Comic book stuff always brings out a few weirdo’s. What have you encountered?

VB: We have some nerdy guys that collect our Super Hero Adult Toys. They don’t even take them out of the box. And I actually saw a few on Ebay selling for triple of what they paid. So yeah now we are on Ebay too! We just keep expanding until we have world domination!