The Steelers Strippers

By Dave Dakota

Soon Pittsburgh will be the home of a new Male revue Show and Male Strip Club featuring former Steelers players. I talked founder of the new club Ernie Goldstein about this touchdown of an idea!

DD: So how did you come up with this concept?

EG: My wife has a sister who loves the Steelers and goes absolutely crazy when the guys are on the field. She always comments on their butts and their physiques. I sold off my previous business and was looking for something to do. I am friends with some of the former players, and I decided to do something fun with my money for a change. I am so sick of working in an office, and I wanted to do something I was passionate about. And there is no better passion that bringing a smile and some excitement to the beautiful women of Pittsburgh. I got 12 former players to kick things off, and our soft opening was a huge success.

DD: Any players that I would know?

EG: Yeah you would know all of them; however we want the ladies to come in and be surprised. I will tell you that I just finished a contract with one of the biggest players in the history of the team! So I am really excited to make that announcement soon.

DD: What does the show entail?

EG: We do a nightly 3 hour balls to the wall revue show! Our goal is to make the ladies scream. The start out in the full football outfit and then end up in just their jocks. I am really proud of the show. We have definitely been making the ladies scream.

DD: Are all of the dancers all former players?

EG: We have 25 guys on staff. 15 are former players and 10 are the best dancers in the country. So it is a great combination. We get the best of both worlds. We get the performance and the star power. We have really figured out the best way to make this thing as big as possible.

DD: Do you plan on opening clubs in other cities? Would love to see a New York club!

EG: Well my passion is the Pittsburgh ladies! That is my home, and those are the ladies that I care about. Never say never though. I know the Philadelphia market very well, and I am friends with a lot of former players, so don’t be surprised if something happens sooner than later!