Male Stripper APP

By Dave Dakota

Kelly Lamb, of Tucson, has created a new APP that tells you where all registered male strippers are at any given time! It is a great new way to get a stripper last minute. I talked to Kelly about her new groundbreaking app!

DD: I love the idea, but was it really something that the market needed?

KL: HAHAHA! Well, there wasn’t a market demand for Facebook when it came out too. I thought it was a great idea as a dancer myself to find dancers in your area. We do everything through a reputable company, so the reservations are set up in a legit and safe way. So we are hoping that this thing really takes off!

DD: So tell me how it works. Is it user friendly?

KL: It almost works like Yelp. We have the guys register and then when you type in your zip code all of the strippers in the area pop up! It has worked out great so far!

DD: How long until you add a female stripper app?

KL: Way ahead of you. We actually have the female stripper app ready to roll out, and we were going to test out the male stripper version, and then get into the females. Guys are easier to work with LOL, so we wanted to do the male stripper app first.

DD: How do you plan on promoting the app?

KL: Well doing interviews with industry people like you, and we are trying to get on Shark Tank. We have pretty impressive numbers, and we are already making a profit. I think that Mark Cuban or one of the other sharks might be interested in joining us!

DD: With this great technology, are you thinking about getting into other fields with the same business model?

KL: Yeah we can really use this technology for mechanics, computer repair people, etc. Letting people set their own prices and being independent contractors can make for more money for everyone. Really the sky is the limit. We definitely have a lot of plans in the works. We want to take this technology to the limit. We keep trying to make it better and we keep trying to make it more user friendly.

DD: The app is great. I look forward to see what you do next.

KL: Thank you for the opportunity! We will talk again soon.