Better Than The Real Thing?

By Vince Leona

When couples first get married, they have sex almost every day! That was the case for Marty and Katie, a young newlywed couple living in St Louis. The sex was hot, and it was often. Marty claimed that they had sex every day at least once since they got married. Sometimes two or three times a day Katie was getting her sexual fix. A major curveball was thrown at this new marriage when Marty got a new job which required him to travel away from home four to five days a week. So in a flash, Marty and Katie went from having sex 7-20 times a week to only having sex on weekends.

This was a huge change for this couple that admitted that sex was the most important part of their relationship. This change instantly created jealousy and stress in what used to be a perfect relationship. Even with mutual trust, you are traveling 5 days a week, and the only contact you have with your wife is the fifteen minutes a night that you spend on Skype. Marty found that his mind was wandering all day. What is she doing when you are not around? Where is she finding that sexual satisfaction? He knew that Katie was a freak and needed it daily.

They tried to have phone sex. They even tried video phone sex with their cell phones on Face Time, but it wasn’t fulfilling Katie’s needs. Katie had tried Adult Toys in the past, but nothing gave her that same feeling as her husband. Marty had an idea when he was watching an episode of Gigolos on HBO. One of the guys on the show had a mold made of his penis. Marty knew that Katie wasn’t a fan of adult toys, but what if it was an exact replica of him? Marty surprised Katie with the replica after a ten day road trip. He told her not to try it out until he went back on the road.

After a sex filled weekend, Marty hit the road. He was flying to New York for work. He had no phone service for six hours. When he finally turned his phone on, he had a text message from Katie that said “Oh my God!” He immediately called her back to see what the text was all about, and she told him that he can stay in New York for an extra week. She said that she needed some alone time to get to get to know her new toy! Katie said that it was amazing, and that it gave her multiple orgasms. Marty was happy and relieved at the same time. Technically he was pleasing her from far away. Also Marty found that his mind was no longer wandering every minute of the day. Katie was shocked that an adult toy fulfilled her sexually, and she said it made their weekend sex even hotter. Adult toys are not for everyone, but in this case it saved a marriage.