Adult Toys Surge

By Vince Leona

While the economy has been in shambles, the adult toy industry has been booming. No matter how much the economy struggles, sex definitely still sells. This year has been the biggest year in the history of the adult toy industry. I talked to Paul Niles an adult toy manufacturer from Pittsburgh about the latest boom in sales.

VL: Why has this year been such a great year for the adult toy industry?

PN: I think that sex is the one thing that is recession proof. It is something that we can do without having to spend money, and a good sex toy lasts for years. Also I feel like women are a lot more comfortable with their sexuality. They have no problem admitting that they are sexual beings and they like getting pleasured by adult toys.

VL: This year has definitely been the year of the sexual woman, with the success of Magic Mike and 50 shades of grey. But men also seem to be buying a lot more adult toys also. What do you think is the reason behind that surge in sales?

PN: Men have never been shy about their sexuality, but adult toy usage has been looked down on in some ways. Men no longer have to hide their love of adult toys. It is no longer uncool to talk about using adult toys.

VL: Your online store actually outsells your shop in Pittsburgh. Do you see a time where you take your business entirely online?

PN: The online business has overtaken the sales of the shop, but the shops sales are also way up. We have been in business for 22 years, and 2012 was the best year in the history of our shop. We had a great year, so I don’t see any stop in sight for our shop. The online store has definitely been great, but the shop is something that I will always keep open.

VL: What do you predict for 2013 sales? Could next year eclipse this year’s record breaking sales?

PN: Not only do I predict better sales this year, but I think we will have a 15-20% increase. This industry is on fire. I am looking forward to topping ourselves every year. I am sure the party will stop at some point, but believe me, I will be the last guy that they are kicking out the door.

VL: What do you have planned for 2013 that will make it your biggest year ever?

PN: We have signed a deal with a new spokeswoman who will be throwing adult toy parties every month at our shop. I am hoping that have a face to go with our brand will draw in a whole new audience. Either way, this year is shaping up to be a lot of fun. We have a lot of other top secret things planned that will take us to the next level. Our online store is about to expand, and we will have over 10,000 items for sale. Believe me, you haven’t seen anything yet!