Lights Camera Action

By Dave Dakota

The most realistic sexual toy experience is about to be available to you everywhere! The Adult toy cam will include a sex toy and HD screen to see exactly what your partner is doing. I talked to Victor Krenshaw the creator of this new revolutionary product.

DD: Tell me what separates your product from the other adult toys in this space?

VK: This is a completely different product than all other adult toys. The 2 sex toys digitally hook up and increase or decrease the amount of vibration for both the male and female sex toy. So you get to see your partner and get to feel their excitement! Both parties get to climax at the same time!

DD: How did you come up with this product?

VK: I have a long distance girlfriend. She lives in California, and I live here in Cincinnati. So it is a long annoying flight. We both love having sex and the phone sex started getting old. Then we started video chatting, and that got old. So I decided to come up with a way for us both to get that natural pleasure in an adult toy that we would get while having sex. And it is great! You get to see her face while you pleasure her.

DD: I understand that you have some famous clients.

VK: You would not believe if I told you some of the names! We have a lot of A list actors and actresses. Also we have some huge sports stars that use it with their wives! It is really starting to take the country by storm. A basketball player told me that it keeps his sex life hot. It makes him fantasize about his wife like when he first met her. So I think that we are doing a great service! When you are feeling the sensations of sex but not able to physically touching someone, it makes the fantasy that much better when you get your hands on her!

DD: So you are doing God’s work?

VK: Well as far as adult toys, yeah we are hahaha!

DD: How are you marketing this thing?

VK: We started doing a lot of the sex conventions. They will always be our top demographic! We also sell a ton on our website. Every week I feel more and more momentum each passing week.

DD: What kind of sales are you doing?

VK: Well we started out doing $100,000 in the first year, and now we are on pace to do over 4 million this year. We are rocking it!


DD: Wow! Those are amazing numbers! How do you take this thing to the next level?

VK: Some of the updates that we are working on are really exciting, and can really take this product to a level that has never been imagined before. I am really excited! We expect to do between eight and twelve million next year! I can see this thing becoming a nine figure business within ten years!