Cashing In

By Dave Dakota

Charlie Quivnuorey a 23 year old Union worker threw the greatest Bachelor Party his friends had ever been to. Charlie who was the best man for his friend Rob’s wedding was absolutely broke. Charlie had a job making minimum wage, and had to move back in with his parents. He had saved up $300 for the Bachelor Party just so that he could try to put something together for his best friend Rob, but his car died out on him and it cost him $400 to fix it, which wiped out the Bachelor Party money. Charlie felt so bad, and told Rob that he wouldn’t be able to throw him a party because he was broke. Rob didn’t care. He told Charlie, you are my best friend. You just showing up is priceless to me. Charlie’s life was about to change. One a week Charlie buys a $2 lottery ticket. Like usual on Tuesday, Charlie played his numbers. One of which was 9 for Rob’s old jersey number when they played Pop Warner Football together. Charlie could not believe it when he saw the drawing on TV. Charlie had won!! He split 33 million dollars with 4 people. Leaving him right around 8 million. Taking the one time payout, and after taxes were figured in, this minimum wage making 23 year old who lived with his parents was not worth over 4 million dollars. The first guy Charlie called was Rob! Charlie said, “Something amazing has happened. Get ready for the Bachelor Party of your life.” Charlie rented a private jet and flew all 20 guys to Vegas. Each guy got his own luxury suite. Charlie also gave each guy $1000 in gambling money. Charlie paid for everything that weekend. Steak houses and bottle service every night at the club. Charlie also rented out a private room in Cesar’s Palace and got 10 strippers to put on the greatest show that Rob had ever seen. When the guys lost their thousand gambling, Charlie gave them another thousand! He made it clear that he wanted these guys to have the time of their lives and not spend a dime on anything. This Bachelor Party was the type of Bachelor Party you would expect Jay Z to throw, not Charlie. The world series of poker was going on in Vegas. As a gift to Rob, Charlie paid for Rob to play in one of the tournaments. Charlie spent over $250,000 on this Bachelor Party, but saved the best surprise for when they got home. Charlie took Rob and his fiancée Megan out to dinner, and told them that he wanted to pay for the entire wedding. Megan immediately broke down and started crying. Charlie explained that Rob was his best friend, and Rob telling Charlie that all he wanted was Charlie’s presence at the Bachelor party showed him how great of a friend Rob was. Not only did Charlie pay for the wedding, but had one more surprise. Charlie bought them a ten day trip to Europe. Charlie told Rob that he wanted to do an annual Vegas trip, that is of course if he doesn’t run out of money!