The Stripper Role Playing Video Game

By Dave Dakota

Grand theft auto has nothing on a new video game coming out early next year featuring a male stripper who has to make a living working amateur nights as well as a part time job, with the hope of eventually joining a male revue show. The game is truly revolutionary. You play as Derek the former college athlete from the Midwest who is on his way to Vegas in hopes of becoming the next Magic Mike. This is truly a complete different look at the Male Stripper and Exotic dancer. You follow his journey to getting on the Male Revue Show. It is very Grand Theft Auto- esque as far as some of the trouble that the dancer could get into. So depending on the path you decide to take for Derek, the game is a lot of fun. I have found that doing everything legit in the game leads to ending up on the Vegas stage. It seems like everything in the game has the potential of coming back to you. There was a hilarious part of the game demo that I played where the dancer got arrested for stealing G-strings. It took an extra year in the game to get past that arrest. This game really is like real life. You can go in any direction that you would like in the game. There are also great scenes with the ladies at the clubs. You can get their numbers and even date them. This can also lead to some interesting situations as well. The game was truly the most fun I have ever had playing a video game, and this was only a demo. The game that comes out next year is supposed to be even better! These types of reality games and this type of role playing is the wave of the future for video games. As much as I loved Mario and Sonic as a kid, this form of reality in a video game really takes the fun to the next level. Being in this real life type game is a lot of fun! I cannot wait for the rest of you to check out this game. It is less than a year away. I will interview the creator of the game closer to the release date. The demo should be available next month. Will be a video game experience like no other you have had.