Get The Scoop

By Dave Dakota

The Adult Toy industry makes hundreds of millions of dollars a year! But it has definitely come a long way from vibrators and blow up dolls. The adult toy industry has seen a huge spike in sales with edible sex toys. The standard edible panties are still a popular item, but it’s the other items that will shock you. I talked to Christy Cobert who owns a sex shop in San Francisco to get the scoop on the latest edible Adult Toys.

DD: How long have you been in business?

CC: Next month it will be 5 years!

DD: Congrats! In this economy that is great. How is business?

CC: It was up and down for the first three years, but for the past two years it has been great! We are on pace to double last year’s sales.

DD: What can you attest to this huge spike in sales?

CC: The standards always sell, but edible sex toys are the new craze!

DD: Besides edible panties, what other items are selling.

CC: Our biggest seller is the chocolate dildo, which comes in dark and white chocolate. It comes in six different sizes, starting with six inches all the way up to twelve. As you can imagine, it combines women’s two favorite things, Chocolate and sex. It’s really a winning situation.

DD: How many of these do you sell a day, and how much do they cost?

CC: They start at $5.99 and the twelve inch one is $11.99. And we sell about 500 of these a week. Also we make them here on location. They have become so popular that I send thousands of these a week all across the country. We are very excited that we just got a huge monthly order from a major Adult Toy shop that wants ten thousand a week.

DD: Wow it sounds like this is becoming a big production! Who is your chef?

CC: You’re looking at her!

DD: How did you come up with this idea and perfect it? Because according to some of your clientele, these are like no other chocolate Adult Toys on the market.

CC: Well the difference with ours is that they hard for a long time (laughs). All kidding aside, that is why we are so successful. They don’t get soft or melt. So they are able to last as long as the ladies want them to last.

DD: What is your secret?

CC: Well if I told you that I would have to kill you. I spent a year perfecting the recipe! We now have a one of a kind product that our competition cannot compete with. In the edible Adult Toy industry, we are the best.

DD: What’s the next big thing?

CC: Well we are making strawberry dildos made like suckers. As you can imagine, these sell themselves also.

DD: Well you really have turned a niche into an amazing company! I cannot wait to see your shops all over the country.

CC: That is the plan! Hopefully next time you talk to me, it will be on my new Yacht (laughs).