Dancing In the Desert

By Dave Dakota

Tucson Arizona is about to be a the new hot spot for Bachelorette Parties thanks to a new Bachelorette Party themed dance club out in the desert! Morgan Reed is a former Promoter who opened up this new Bachelorette Party Club on Friday’s and Saturday’s. She is drawing 1000 girls per weekend, and she is just getting started. I had a chance to catch up with Morgan about her exciting new venture.

DD: So tell me how this whole thing got started.

MR: I threw a bachelorette party for my sister and we did the standard club bottle service thing. We were annoyed all night by so many douchebag guys and it ruined her entire party. I decided that I needed to come up with a way for the girls to have a great night without being harassed by annoying boys. I wanted to create a dance party and club experience with all of the benefits of downtown Tucson and even the party atmosphere of Phoenix and Scottsdale. My dancing in the desert began with my cousin’s bachelorette party. We have bus, shuttle, and limo service to the venue. Also it is 5 hours open bar from 7PM-Midnight, dinner, dancing, and I partnered up with the best male stripping agency in the country MaleStrippers.com and they send us 3-5 of their dancers for each event. So we have created an ultimate Bachelorette Party experience for ladies like me who want to have a great time without all of the drama of the regular clubs.

DD: I was told that you are averaging 1000 girls per weekend. How did this thing blow up so quickly?

MR: Actually we are moving closer to 1500 girls a weekend. Saturdays alone are getting 1000 girls, and Fridays we are averaging a little over 500. Last week we broke 2000 girls for the first time ever. I was so excited. The best part about this thing is that I have not made a dime yet. I am putting everything back into the show. The production keeps getting better and better. Also once a month we are bringing in huge dj’s from around the world. I am hoping to hit 5000 girls for a single night. The warehouse that I use for Dancing in the Desert has a capacity of 10,000 so we have plenty of room for growth. I don’t see anything stopping us from making Tucson the Bachelorette Party destination for the entire country!