Strippers And Their Fury Friends

By Dave Dakota

Darlene McGregor is a female stripper whose pride and job is her little dog Oreo. She has been looking for a place to show case her best friend for years and has after talking to her exotic dancer friends has decided to showcase Oreo and other strippers dogs in an up and coming dog show that is about to take Champaign by storm. I talked to Darlene about this new dog show
DD: What made you want to do a dog show?
DM: I have the best dog in the world! He is a badass! I always bring him everywhere I go. People just love him, so I decided to show him off in a real platform where the whole city of Champaign can see him. A lot of the other girls that I work with and some of the Male Strippers and Exotic Dancers who word for in Champaign also are bringing their dogs. The entertainers here in Champaign have a great little community! My friends have the cutest dogs. We were going to make it a small event but the whole city stepped it up! Now we have a ton of local businesses involved and over 50 dogs! This is going to be so much fun. It is a great local event for all of Champaign to enjoy. Also the exotic dancer industry is able to give back to the city! I love Champaign, and I want to be here the rest of my life. It is so much fun to be a part of this community!
DD: Is this going to be an annual event?
DM: It is looking that way! We already have sponsors that committed to two and three year deals! We are really excited. Of course the future of this event hinges on the success of our first event. I never want to look too far ahead, but I can see this thing getting bigger and bigger.
DD: You seem to be on the right track! Is your dog Oreo headlining the event?
DM: Hahahaha! You know it! He will be the featured dog! HE and I wouldn’t have it any other way. He is the inspiration for this event so we want to make sure that he gets the prime position on the show! Oreo and I are very excited. We hope to see everyone there!