Hungry For Your Wedding?

By Dave Dakota

Sandy Hortich, a baker from Indianapolis, has turned her Bachelorette Party cakes into a national phenomenon. Sandy makes life like miniature replicas of the Brides and at the Bachelorette Party, the girls get to eat the bride. I talked to Sandy about her unique business.
DD: I must say that your work is pretty impressive. How do you turn cake into a life like replica of these brides?
SH: I can’t give away all of my secrets, but we definitely offer a one of a kind service. And this isn’t a graphic on your cake. This is a personalized sculpture cake. We are the first of our kind, and business has been booming.
DD: Why only Bachelorette Parties? I assume that this could also be big for Birthday Parties and pretty much any other event involving a cake.
SH: Funny you say that because next week we are expanding the business to everything and anything. The reason that we started with Bachelorette Parties was because it was a niche market that I knew we could be successful with. But obviously people started wanting us to make cakes for all types of different parties, so I finally gave in. It’s good to have a niche market, but it is better to take over the world.
DD: Let’s stick to the Bachelorette Party stuff. Tell me about the greatest cake you ever made!
SH: I made a life sized cake for a multi-millionaire woman in Las Vegas. She was 5 foot 3 and we made it her exact size. And on top of that, we made it a standing cake. It was truly a work of art. I swear people were taking pictures with the cake, and it looked like it was actually her. I actually won 3 awards for that cake. It took me 20 hours to make, and it fell apart 24 hours before the party, so I had to spend another 20 hours and remake it. It was 40 hours of work, but it was worth it.

DD: That is amazing! How do you transport something like that?

SH: That was a whole other ordeal! We had to make it on wheels. We had to have 4 huge guys transport it. It was such a production. I was a nervous wreck the whole time. It was such a relief when we finally delivered it.

DD: Do you have any specialties for the Bachelorette parties?

SH: We actually do cake replicas of the bride or the groom. Also we can do specialty cakes, or whatever the ladies want.

DD: Tell me about these bachelorette mini cakes that you are selling all around the country

SH: These have become our specialty. We can customize them however the girls want. We can do a full set of the groomsmen and bridesmaids. It is a lot of fun, and completely original.

DD: You truly have turned a niche business into something amazing. Congrats on the success and nothing but the best in the future.