Stripper Con

By Dave Dakota

Comic Con and other conventions have really taken off! Now you can see your favorite local strippers at a convention that is all their own.  This will not be like a porn convention or anything like that. This is all about local Austin Exotic Dancers and revue shows. It is truly a completely original event. It features private booths for each dancer. There is even a male strip club and female strip club that will be going on the whole time at the event. Private dances are also available. They can be pre-paid for or you can request your favorite dancer the night of the convention. You are highly recommended to do everything beforehand however. This is a total fan experience. All of the clubs in Austin are involved. Each club is sending its top 10 dancers and 1 upcoming talent. There will also be exotic dancers from all over the country at this convention. We are expecting over 5000 people to come out to this event. And it will get bigger and bigger when we add more clubs. They are looking to do these conventions all over the country. The sky is the limit for how big this can be. Starting this week, they will be doing promotional appearances all throughout Austin. And of course they plan to be a part of SXSW. One of the promotional ideas that they are doing includes car washes for both male and female dancers. So if you want your car washed, this is the ultimate experience. The car washes might also be outside at the actual event. It all depends on the success of the promotional exotic car wash as to whether it will be a part of the convention. This is all about the fans. There will be no other avenue to get face time with your favorite exotic dancer. The plan to make this thing bigger every year is already a reality. Next year, venues are bidding on the event! This will be an exciting event. The dancers are very excited to see all of the fans. The convention will be 3 days. And each night the place will be an all-out strip club! If you are in Austin, and love convention’s, this is a must go! Ticket and event information will be available very soon. I know that I will be there!