Buckeye Male revue

By Dave Dakota Buckeyes Football is by far the biggest draw in Columbus. Starting next week, there will be a new draw that caters to the women of Columbus. The Buckeye Male Revue show features exotic dancers from all over Ohio doing their best Magic Mike impression. The show is a two hour all male revue show for women that has explosive dance moves and super-hot guys. Most of the men in the show are former players of the team. This will draw in all kinds of women. This show is especially women who love athletic guys. These guys are all amazing athletes! They all have picked up the dance choreography very quickly! They ladies will be in for the night of their lives. This show has already taken Columbus by storm. There have been 15 soft opening shows. Each show sold out in minutes. The ladies here in Columbus have been looking for something like this that caters to their needs. This show is a Bachelorette Party paradise! It is like no other male revue show in the country. It doubles as a male exotic dancer club. So the ladies can have the best of both worlds. The big show is on Saturdays, and the club itself is open from 3PM until the wee hours of the morning. So this is truly a great place for girls and their groups to go to. For birthday parties, the club is always a great place to come! Also it is very upscale and classy. Dinner, party favors, etc. Everything that a classy group of girls is looking for, this club delivers. There is nothing else like this place in Columbus or anywhere around Ohio. Hot lap dances are available and of course the guest of honor gets a special show by all of the guys. Their guys are all completely ripped! Not only do they have six packs, but they have eight packs. This is a must go to place for all bride to be’s. This is finally a show in Columbus and a venue that is for women. It is a long time coming, and based on the initial reaction, this thing will be around for a long time and be very successful. The dancers are ready for primetime. Ladies in Columbus have never seen anything like this, and it will be something completely different from the normal type of show. Columbus is ready and so are the dancers.