Married Women Love Bachelorette Parties

The normal consensus when it comes to Bachelorette parties is that it is an event for single ladies. According to recent data, that can’t be further from the truth. The data actually shows that married women look forward to Bachelorette parties much more than single women. Think about it… A single girl is out and about meeting fun and interesting people all the time. A married woman is with the same guy all the time. Whether or not they have a great marriage, it gets very monotonous. This is a night of fun, and something completely different for the married women. I talked to Darlene McNeil a married woman of 15 years who told me about the excitement of going to a Bachelorette party this coming weekend.

VL: So the big day is Saturday! Are you excited?

DM: Oh my God, I have been counting down the days! I have been sending my girls countdown emails. I am so excited.

VL: What does your husband think about you going to a Bachelorette Party?

DM: Who cares (laughs)!! No all joking aside, he knows that he can trust me and that I am a good girl. I am just going to have a little fun.

VL: Why do you think married women are so fired up to go to Bachelorette parties?

DM: It is a way to escape my daily life! Not that I don’t love my life, but it is fun to get away from the kids, and the bills, and my husband, and to just drink and have fun with the girls.

VL: Are you ladies getting any entertainment?

DM: You know it baby! We are going to a show with male performers, and then we are having 2 guys come to us. We have a private room in a club, so it should get pretty wild. I love a gorgeous guy and we have some hotties coming.

VL: What else do you ladies have planned?

DM: Dinner and dancing. It will be a lot of fun. We will have all of our college girlfriends, work girlfriends, and a lot of our friends that live out of town. I am certain that it should be a great night.

VL: Sound like a perfect get together with the girls.

DM: It really came together perfectly.

VL: What is your favorite Bachelorette party moment from the past?

DM: Believe it or not, we actually went camping for my friend Janet’s Bachelorette Party. Roasted Marshmallows, tents, sing-along’s, we did it all. We drank all night by the camp fire, and even had some entertainment come out. We had them wear a Bear Costume and hang outside the tent. My friends almost peed their pants. It was a hoot.

VL: You ladies sound like a lot of fun!

DM: You better believe it baby. You only live once. Time is going to fly by regardless. You can do it while laughing or while crying. I choose laughing. I live life to the fullest.