The Male Revue Show – A Work Of Art

By Vince Leona

Thanks to the high demand for Male Revue shows in the United States, the industry has taken itself to a whole new level. The Male Revue shows have become a work of art. The amount of time putting together one of these shows can be compared to any other large stage production. Taking the lead from Cirque Du Soleil, these revue shows have been taken to the next level. I recently talked to a Male Revue show director named Gino who does one of the biggest revue shows in the country. After his 2nd show of the night, I conducted this interview.

VL: I checked out your show, and I got to say it was amazing!

G: Well we try (laughs).

VL: You guys are amazing at what you do. Those ladies were going nuts.

G: Thanks for the compliment. We take this show very seriously. If we slack off even a little, we know that there are many other outlets for these ladies to get entertained.

VL: I have been to many female revue shows, and the guys don’t react the same way. These women seemed to almost be in heat.

G: (Laughs) sometimes they are! You have to understand, these ladies are here to have fun! It is an outlet for them. Whether or not they are missing something at home, they can let that bad girl out at my show. Also they do not have to worry about being judged. They can be as open and sexual as their heart desires.

VL: You are an amazing performer, what is your background?

G: I was a dancer for many years going on tour with some very famous pop artists. I also have done a lot of theater. All that plus my 2 degrees in business have led me to living out what is truly a dream.

VL: Do you plan on taking this show national?

G: Yes! That is the dream. It is hard to hand over the keys to someone else though because I am a control freak! I know that I cannot be in multiple cities at once, so that is a realization that I am going to have to come to terms with.

VL: The sky is the limit brother! If you can make three hundred ladies go crazy in your hometown, I am sure that you can do it all over the country.

G: Maybe we can go into business together (laughs).

VL: How do you promote a show like this? Is it hard to get a full house every week?

G: We currently have a streak of 96 straight sell outs! That is 2 shows every Saturday, and for the last 48 weeks it has been sold out. We are really proud of that. The show at this point sells itself, but social media is the main promotion that we do. At first we did some radio commercials, and stuff like that but it didn’t work. Now we have a well-oiled machine ready to blow these ladies away.

VL: Good luck with the show, I am sure I will hear about your debut in Vegas soon.

G: Come see us next year, and might be a reality.