Exotic Dancer Gift

What’s a better Birthday gift than a hot naked Exotic dancer at your door? That is what Claudia Catere thought when she opened up her business sending exotic dancers wrapped up in a gift box to people all over the country. I talked to Claudia about these amazing gifts.

VL: Tell me about your Exotic Dancer gift business.

CC: I used to be a stripper myself, and a lot of people were looking for something different than your standard party, so I came up with the idea, and in about 18 months we have become a national company. I can’t believe how fast this thing has developed.  It was a real surprise that we not only made a profit in the first year, but we made a huge profit. We made more money in the first year than we were expecting to make by year 5. So we are pretty ecstatic about the company so far.

VL: How does it work? I heard that you actually have a delivery truck, and a delivery guy.

CC: Yeah we go all out. We have the exotic dancer go inside the box, and then our delivery guy brings it in on a flatbed cart. The best part is the look on the face of the person receiving the gift when our gorgeous dancers pop out.

VL: That is a riot! I can imagine that you must have some funny stories from some of your dancers.

CC: Oh my God!! We have so many. One time we delivered a girl to a warehouse, and she just sat in the warehouse for an hour. She kept calling the contact at the house and he didn’t answer. Finally she got in touch with him, and she was in the wrong warehouse. Also one time we had a woman faint when one of our guys jumped out of the box. It sound funny, but was pretty serious at the time.

VL: What areas do you offer your service?

CC: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, San Diego, San Antonio, and a ton more. We are slowly going to take over the whole country! We just need to get enough business in each city that allows us to pay for the truck, drivers, dancers, etc.

VL: Do you guys do bachelor and bachelorette parties also, or just Birthday parties?

CC: Of course, that is 40% of our business. We offer a ton of different options. We are like a Wal-Mart, but instead of selling toasters, and deodorant, we have exotic dancers. We like to have something for everyone. I definitely think we have the most variety in the industry.

VL: This is definitely a great idea to mix things up at a birthday party. Congrats on the success.

CC: Thank you! It really is proof that hard work truly pays off. I was at a crossroads in life, and didn’t know how I was going to pay my rent 2 years ago, and now here I am with a successful business and in a position to help others! It has been a great ride.