Stripper of the Year

By Vince Leona

Cynthia Chavez from San Diego recently won the prestigious “stripper of the Year” award! I talked to Cynthia about her journey and amazing victory.

VL: Tell me about how you went from a regular stripper to “female Stripper of the year.”

CC: I always thought strippers were pretty when I was a little girl, and when I turned 18, despite my mom at first being upset I went for it! I wasn’t a girl who went in and just wanted to make money. I look at it like an art form. I worked hard to make sure that I was the best at what I did. It feels amazing to be recognized for all of the work I have put into perfecting this.

VL: What makes you so different?

CC: Well like I said, this is art to me! I spend many hours studying and perfecting my craft. I am at the highest end of Female Stripping. I really put on a show. I can entertain all genders and age ranges. I think the problem with this industry is that people don’t go out of their way to make it a beautiful art. I want to make the female stripper occupation something that is a beautiful job to have.

VL: What is your daily regimen? You are in amazing shape!

CC: I eat clean, and workout! It is really that easy. I think people over think fitness. If you do the basic stuff, then you will be in shape! I have cheat days like everyone else. I do a lot of late night appearances at strip clubs across the country, and it is almost impossible to eat healthy sometimes. But the key is to not let those cheat days become more than just a cheat day! You have to know that the day after a cheat day; it is time to get back on track! Also my routines are pretty intense. I have a job where I burn a ton of calories. So add the clean eating and working out every day to that, and that is why I am in this shape.

VL: As Female Stripper of the year, what doors has it opened for you?

CC: The main thing is that it has gotten a bunch of new eyes on me! A lot of opportunities that I was looking into before winning the award, I couldn’t even get a call back. Now these people are calling me! It has been an amazing experience. I have always wanted to do my own Vegas show, and I am getting close to making that dream a reality! Until then, this Female Stripper of the year award has made it possible for me to tour the country and be a feature performer at clubs all across the country! I am doing a European tour next month. I am so excited! I have always wanted to go to Paris. Now I am going on someone else’s dime. All thanks to this award!

VL: All hail the new Queen of Strippers!

CC: And you better believe I am going to defend my title next year! I can’t wait to talk to you this time next year about my back to back titles.