Stripper Trading Cards

By Vince Leona

I remember growing up as a kid that I had an awesome collection of trading cards. Baseball, Basketball, and Football were my favorite. I even collected Wrestling cards for my favorite wrestlers. In recent years the trading card industry has kind of taken a turn for the worse. That may all change. Some of the biggest strip clubs in the country have gotten together to create Female Stripper Trading Cards. These are beautiful glossy finished cards with a fully nude pic on the front and all of the girls stats on the back. Not only do the stats include the measurements, but it also included which clubs they worked at in the past and where they currently work. This is brilliant on many different levels. First of all, it is like free marketing for these female strippers. It is a way for a guy in Boston to see a girl in San Diego and make it a point to go see her if he is ever in San Diego. It also will give the girls the star appeal that female stripper feature acts get when strip clubs bring them in to do a feature spot. Instead of bringing in a star once a month, this has the potential to make all of the girl’s stars! This is a complete game changer! The limited release that has come out so far has been a huge success! These Female Stripper Trading Cards are changing the industry as we know it. People have come from all over the country to see Misty Mugs who is a female stripper at a club in San Diego. The week the cards came out, Misty said that she made 300% more money and it was mainly from fans from different parts of the country. Also she gained thousands of new Twitter followers. Something as simple as trading cards has turned these everyday normal female strippers into superstars! There is already talk of a Female Stripper Trading Card Convention! This will really bring the girls to the forefront. If these take off the way they are being projected, the Stripper Industry might have something really special on their hands. One of the hardest thing’s to do is to market these female strippers. With the card sets, inserts, rookie of the year cards, etc. This has the potential to become as popular as Baseball cards in the early 90’s. A Charleston card shop is holding a card show to kick things off. Should be an exciting venture!