Sleep With Your Toys

By Vince Leona

The normal adult toy isn’t something that you would necessarily want to sleep with! But thanks to Orlando’s Mandy Pervian’s new line of adult toys, that is now a reality. I talked to Mandy about her new line of adult toy stuffed animals.

VL: So this sounds pretty crazy! Tell me more about this new line of adult toys!

MP: Well first of all I need to tell you that I’m not a “furry” or any other kind of freak! I have always been a big fan of adult toys, and have always been self-conscience that I would leave them laying around and that my boyfriend or family members might see it! I like using them almost every night, so I had a lot of close calls. I started hiding them in a doll on my bed that had a hole in the back. After a while, all the stuffing came out and it was too much of a hassle. Anyways, I came up with an idea! I wanted to create a stuffed animal that had hidden compartments for my adult toys. Boom! Here we are 9 months later and I have just about a million dollars in sales.

VL: Wow! That is quite the story! Amazing how you already have a million in sales. I also love your themes where you match up the specific toys with the stuffed animals.

MP: Hahaha! Thank you. I put a lot of time into the concept and really want to turn this into something big! I am on pace to do five million in sales next year. After all my expenses, I can finally call myself a millionaire. I went from a girl making minimum wage who loved her adult toys to a millionaire in a year! Now if that is not a great American success story, I don’t know what is.

VL: Why stop with the sex toys? Why not market these stuffed animals with secret compartments to little kids where they keep their valuables in the stuffed animal?

MP: Way ahead of you! We already started creating the child line! They will be totally different from our adult toy line for obvious reasons and will even have a different name so that each one will have their own branding. We want this to be huge! We talked to the Shark Tank People trying to get a few million in extra on hand cash, but decided to do it ourselves. Why give someone a piece of my business when they didn’t put an ounce of work into it?

VL: It is funny that you started this concept because you were embarrassed of the adult toys, and now it is your life! You have to tell everyone your story about hiding your toys. It is an interesting dynamic how that thing that you were ashamed of is now bringing in millions.

MP: Totally! It has given me a whole new outlook on adult toys! Now I am screaming my love from them on rooftops!