Male Stripper Basketball League

By Vince Leona

Basketball is a sport that draws mainly men! So why is it that a new basketball league in San Antonio is drawing over 95% women, and they play in front of thousands every week? The new Male Stripper Basketball league has taken San Antonio by storm. Their shirts versus skins format is a unique way to give women the male stripper experience. The game consists of two halves that are 10 minutes, but the real main event is halftime when the guys put on a show that makes the women go crazy! I talked to the mastermind behind the new male stripper league Alton Cole.

VL: How did you come up with this idea for a male stripper basketball league?

AC: I was making good money as a stripper, and played a lot of basketball with the guys on Sunday mornings at a park in San Antonio . The game somehow became known, and before we knew it we had like 50 women who would watch us play. I instantly saw the potential. Watching good looking guys play basketball was obviously a fantasy for some women. So we basically just took our Sunday shirts and skins game on the road. Of course we added an entire show around it, but that’s the origin.

VL: Do you guys do this in arenas?

AC: Yep usually we do it in college arenas! The college girls really seem to love in. In Austin, we drew 7,500 people. That was more than double the amount of people that their male basketball team averages, and more than 2000 more people than their all-time record!

VL: Any thoughts in taking this thing outdoors?

AC: We actually have some festivals set up that we will be performing at. There is a huge wine fest believe it or not, and we are booked for that show. We are willing to do bookings anywhere. It is a really fun show. The ladies have the time of their lives.

VL: Tell me about the outfits that you guys wear.

AC: Well first of all, we all wear the old school NBA shorts which were actually my idea when we were watching a special about Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. As far as the jerseys, the home team wears our customized jersey, and of course the road team is skins. We switch off! The ladies get to vote who gets traded to the visiting team at halftime! Of course, then they take their shirt off. It’s a huge crowd pleaser.

VL: How is the level of play at these games?

AC: It is competitive! We started this thing out on Sunday’s where we just played for fun. That competitive spirit has been taken to the next level. No one wants to be embarrassed on the court! Especially when there are thousands of screaming women!

VL: I will have to check out a game soon!

AC: We have 10% men who come out, I guarantee that you will have a good time!