Bachelorette Party Concert

Bachelorette parties often end up at a karaoke bar. It’s one of the tamer things that groups do! Starting this summer, a new Bachelorette Party live concert will be a game changer!  I talked to Liz Graham about her exciting new venture!

VL: So you are doing basically a live karaoke concert for Bachelorette Parties?

LG: Well yes and no! We are actually doing this in a venue! It is more than just karaoke! We have a kick ass live band, and do a full stage show with lights and everything.

VL: Tell me how the whole process works.

LG: We have a live band playing a lot of female friendly songs! We focus on the classics and a lot of the current hits. We then bring up the different groups of bachelorette parties and they each take their turn singing their own custom set list! We pre arrange everything, so they get the full VIP experience. Lights, backup singers, the works! They girls really have a one in a lifetime experience.

VL: Do you only do Bachelorette parties?

LG: Not necessarily, we also do birthdays and special events. We do however keep it to just the girls. This whole thing was designed for the girls to have a memorable night where they can really let their hair down and have fun. They don’t have to worry about looking dumb in front of a cute guy, or a male bartender. It kind of reminds me of a sleep over with the girls!

VL: How did you come up with this idea?

LG: I was always big into karaoke, and the bar by my house always had bachelorette parties showing up on weekends. I noticed that the girls couldn’t really let loose, so I came up with a way for these girls to have the time of their lives and not have to hold back.

VL: What kind of crowds do you usually get?

LG: We base it off doing a 50 song set list. So we bring in 10 Bachelorette parties and let them each do 5 song set lists. Depending on how big the groups are, we usually do between 100 and 200 girls. Also at the end we all do a big group encore! It is a lot of fun.

VL: I love the video features that you offer.

LG: Thanks! Yeah we video tape every performance, and upload it to our website, and the girls can download them and put them on Facebook for free. We film the shows with 8 HD cameras, so it looks like a Rolling Stones concert when it’s all said and done! It is set up to be a fun concert for all 10 groups of girls, so even when their group is not on stage, they are still thoroughly entertained. The best part is that it’s also free drinks all night!

VL: Sounds like you are offering something completely unique, and something that these girls will remember for the rest of their lives.