First Class Eating At Strip Club

By Vince Leona

Remember when the only food you could get at a strip club was day old pizza sitting under a heating lamp? Well those days are long gone. Today the strip club mentality is to create an amazing dining experience. I talked to Todd McGovern the head chef at a new strip club in Minneapolis about his five star dining that will be a part of a new strip club.

VL: Well first off, I just had your Steak and Lobster combo. I must say, it was amazing.

TM: Thank you! That is our specialty. I think we have some of the best food in all of Minneapolis.

VL: The food is great, but is there really a market for such an amazing restaurant in a strip club.

TM: We are a first class establishment! Everything here is top of the line. Our facility is second to none. We have the most beautiful women in the world. Why would we not compliment it with a five star restaurant? When people come here, they want to be around luxury. We supply the absolute best in every aspect. We want you to feel like you are in a different world when you enter our doors.

VL: This place definitely is amazing. I assume that you are going to have to bring in a lot of people to make this place profitable.

TM: No doubt! In order to keep a place this big open, we definitely need to draw in the numbers. We are already working with high end casinos. We will treat their high rollers like Kings. There is nowhere else in Minneapolis where you can experience what we are offering. We have the mindset of blowing people away the first time so that they will come back. We know that when a customer comers here for the first time, they will be back. I think our restaurant alone will draw in people just for the amazing food. Then throw in the most beautiful women they have ever seen, and a facility like no other, and now we are talking about a once in a lifetime experience.

VL: Do you have any special events planned?

TM: Superbowl parties, boxing parties, UFC parties, conventions, and after parties for bands will all be hosted here. We are the only place for celebrities to come where they can get top of the line service. Out V.I.P areas are completely private. We have special entrances and exits for celebrities where they can be as private as they want. Of course we also have V.I.P areas in the main room if they want to be in the middle of the action. We really have thought of everything, and failure is not an option here. We plan on making 5 million dollars in profit by year 3. We are very ambitious. We want this place to be a destination that people want to come to Minneapolis to see. We want to have people from all over the world here, and we won’t stop until we take over the world!

The New British Invasion

By Vince Leona

Beatlemania was huge! It captivated a nation. The Male Revue industry has recently had their own UK invasion! The new male revue show from the UK is taking the United States by storm. Ahmet Krenshaw is the person behind this new show, and I got an exclusive interview with him!

VL: How did you guys get this huge popularity in the United States so quickly?

AK: We started out doing the show in a small pub in Dublin. It got bigger and bigger each week! I give a lot of credit to our feature performer in the show Liam. Most ladies say he looks like a young David Beckham. He is the perfect guy to be the face of our show! We started touring the UK, and then did a 3 night test run in Los Angeles. A lot of big celebrities came out to view the show, and the word of mouth led to a lot of press, and now we can’t even keep up with the demand. I swear it really does feel like the Beatles! We were doing 2 to 4 shows a day and the ladies wait for the guys after the show! The go crazy! We have had some close calls!

VL: I heard Liam was hanging with the celebrities last weekend, and got into a little scuffle

AK: Yeah it was crazy. He was with an A list celebrity. They were hanging out in Vegas in a VIP area. Liam and this A lister started making out and I guess her boyfriend showed up. To Liam’s credit, he didn’t know that she had a boyfriend. Her boyfriend was a 260 pound MMA fighter and attacked Liam. Thank God our Security was bigger and badder than this guy.  Let’s just say our guys took care of the situation, and Liam ended up in Miss Hollywood’s bed. It was just another adventure in this crazy ride. Every night it seems like something crazy happens. The more money we make, and the bigger venues that we play, we just keep bringing in bigger and deadlier security guys.

VL: How long could this party last?

AK: Well it’s lasting at least the next 3 years! We are booked pretty solid over here until 2016. It’s going to be a crazy ride! We got guaranteed money, so we figure strike while the iron is hot. I told the guys, give me the next 3 years, I will make you multi-millionaires, and then we can reevaluate how long we want to do this! I have all of my guys set up where they will be set for the rest of their lives when this 3 year run ends! We are touring the entire world. Most places are already sold out! The party has just begun.

VL: You are smart looking out for your guys futures right off of the bat. It is very refreshing to see someone that cares that much! Good luck to you, hopefully this thing keeps going and going until you guys are house hold names.

AK: Cheers!