Stripper Cheese Plate

By Dave Dakota

Wisconsin is known around the country as the best place to get cheese! Well an entrepreneur has taken the cheese plate to a place that has never been imagined. Darlene Ortega has opened up a new cheese plate and wine restaurant in Madison that uses naked ladies as the cheese plate. I talked to Darlene about her new restaurant.

DD: First off, I got to say your cheese plate is amazing. Even if there wasn’t a Mila Kunis lookalike lying in front of me, I would have still eaten the cheese plate. It is great food, and the scenery makes it a must go spot In Madison!

DO: Thank you! And yes, the food is the most important part. We want to be fine dining and also have the scenery that you will never see anywhere else. We pay our models a lot of money! So we only hire the best. You will not have a classier time than at our restaurant. Also our girls are first class.

DD: So how do you handle people who are not into this kind of approach to a restaurant?

DO: My attitude is that when you come here, you should know what you are dealing with. My partners however convinced me to have a section that we do not have the girls. Also it is a $100 charge to have a girl for groups smaller than 10. It is $50 for groups 10-20, and 20 or more people, we include one of the models.  Also you do not have to have a model at all. Of course, people come not just for the food, but also for these gorgeous models.

DD: Are the girls allowed to talk to customers?

DO: Only if they are engaged in conversation which happens almost 100% of the time. We only hire girls with great personalities so we make sure to focus on these girls great personalities. Of course if it’s a shy group, the models are expected to just play it by ear.

DD: So these models are mainly female strippers correct?

DO: Yes we have girls from Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles, etc. They all love our approach, and they are all on pace to make over 6 figures this year. So we want or girls to be happy.

DD: It is definitely an original approach to a restaurant. I love the place. I wish you the best of luck



The 24/7 Strip Club

By Vince Leona

Mason Gleiver has created a strip club that never closes! I talked to Mason about this new venture!

VL: 24 hour strip club! That is very ambitious.

MG: I worked in the fitness club industry, and by far, the clubs that made the most money and had the most success were the clubs that didn’t close. So when I partnered on this strip club project, I said that it had to be twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. I said that we have to be open on Christmas, New Years, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc. We wanted to operate like a casino! We are a destination that is always there. We will be here for anyone that has nowhere to go on a holiday, weekend, bored night, etc. We are much more than a strip club. We are a place that people want to go to. We are also the best at what we do, so it will always be a phenomenal experience whether they are here on a Saturday at 8PM or on a Tuesday at 8:30AM. We want to deliver the best 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

VL: What kind of business do you expect to do on off hours?

MG: We are finding that since we are known as the place that never closes; we are getting big crowds all day and night. We have third shifters who party after work. We have retired golfers who stop in after 18 holes. We have the post after hour’s club kids. We have it all. Also we have 5 vehicles that will drive our client’s home. We will not let them get in their cars if they are too intoxicated. We will make sure that their car is safe and that they are safe. I pay 4 guys 24 hours a day to drive people home. We will also pick them up the next day and bring them to their cars. We have really thought of everything.

VL: A lot of strip clubs have lower quality strippers during the off hours; this is definitely not true at your club. I was there on a Tuesday at 10:30AM and the girls we amazing.

MG: Thank you for noticing that! We definitely only hire the finest girls around. And being 24/7 we are able to work with all of our girls schedules, and get them the amount of hours that they want. We want this place to have a family atmosphere! We have the best girls and we treat them as partners. We don’t rip our girls off like other places. They make a lot of money and work when they want to work!

VL: I also think the stuff you do for our troops is amazing.

MG: Every member past or present of the military will never pay to get in. We also give them a free drink and lap dance. I think it is the least that we can do for their service!