Motor City Male Revue Show

By Dave Dakota

Detroit is about to be the home of a new Male Revue Show featuring some of its sexier workers! Detroit union workers are starting up new Male Revue Show featuring Exotic dancers that have worked in Detroit trying to rebuild the city! Spencer Trout was a former Sheet Metal worker who decided to start up this new show when he noticed how much attention he got from females walking by when he was working with his shirt off. He said that he started gathering a crowd so decided to team up with some of his co-workers and other union guys in the city and put together a male revue show featuring city workers with exotic dancing experience. I talked to Spencer about his new Motor City Male Revue Show.

DD: This is a great idea for Detroit! This is the biggest male revue show in the city. Also you are putting union workers to work. A lot are laid off these days.

ST: I am trying to get money in my fellow workers pockets while creating something huge for us. I don’t like doing manual labor for a living. It is a lot more fun making a living by entertaining beautiful women and making them scream. I want to do this show for the next 10 years, and make it a destination here in Detroit. We are in talks with the casino’s to have it be a weekly show, but they want us to prove our worth before making a commitment. I am just making sure that we have everything lined up and ready to go. We brought in one of the biggest choreographers from MEN The Show which is the biggest Male Revue show in the Midwest who is helping us with our show. They have been great. Definitely if you are in Chicago, check those guys out. We hope to have their success.

DD: I’ll make sure to give out their website ( ). Tell me about the show itself, what kind of routines can we expect?

ST: Well the these is workers so it’s a lot of physical labor routines that of course end with us taking it all off. I also have a great solo performance where I bring up 3 ladies and give them what I call the perfect storm lap dance. I cannot wait to see you Detroit ladies soon for the finest exotic dancers in Detroit!

Bachelorette Party For The Sports Fan

Crystal Mandel has always been a Tomboy! Her and her friends have always loved sports and when it was Crystals turn to be Maid of Honor for her best friend, it gave her an idea. Crystal put together the ultimate sports lover’s dream Bachelorette party. They started out at a Tigers game, then did 18 holes of golf, and ended the night at a sports bar. Crystal and her friends had such a great time that she decided to turn it into a business. 3 years later, Crystal has carved out a great niche for herself not only in Detroit, but across the country. I talked to Crystal about her business.

VL: Tell me how you got this new business off of the ground?

CM: I had such a great time throwing the Bachelorette party that I wanted to make it easy for other girls to have the same experience. It took me weeks to plan the party, and I wanted to simplify it.

VL: So you started out in Detroit concentrating on local Bachelorette parties, but now you are national. How do you expand so quickly?

CM: Well once I got all of the local teams, and bars working with me, I thought why not try Philadelphia, and then New York, he I am now in over 40 cities, and still expanding.

VL: Walk me through a standard Sports Bachelorette Party.

CM: We usually do an activity, game, and then sports bar. For instance, I did a party in Boston where we had a game of indoor basketball set up, then the ladies took a limo to the Bruins game, and ended the night at a club. It was a lot of fun for the ladies. We have deals at a lot of clubs and bars so we were able to get them a great package.

VL: Based in Detroit , how do you make sure things are running smoothly in other cities?

CM: I do a follow up call with the girls to make sure that every single aspect of the Bachelorette party was perfect. If even a small thing was off, I take exception to it and fix the problem. We have dropped clubs, bars, limo services, from our service because of the way they treated our clients. The customer is the most important. Hopefully this will be her only Bachelorette party, so I want it to be perfect. I am not going to let a douchebag door guy or mean limo driver ruin the experience. I have lost money on some parties because I wanted to fix a problem. We are at a point now where we are only working with amazing people. Our satisfaction rate is 99%. We take this seriously. This year, I added a 24 hour call center to the business. We are on call all night to make sure that the ladies are getting everything they paid for. It’s so easy for us to make one call as opposed to ruining an hour of their Bachelorette Party.

VL: Congrats! Looks like you have it all figured out.