Your Daughter The Stripper

By Dave Dakota

When you were looking at your baby girl the day she was born, you had many thoughts running through your head! She was so small and helpless. Her whole life was in front of her. You wondered what she would be when she grew up. She could be a doctor, a lawyer, even the President! What if I told you one day that she would be a female stripper? According to current trends, that may just be the case. Female strippers make a great living, and are allowed to live a life style on their terms. It is a quick way for a young girl to make a lot of money, and to be her own boss. With the heavy demand for female strippers, the amount of girls going into this once taboo field have been going up between one and seven percent every year since 2003. So why is your little girl now stripping? Could be many factors, but the most common reason is that it gives her financial freedom. In one night a female stripper can make more money than a week of secretarial work. Female strippers can work one week a month, and travel the rest of the time. Most people do not believe it when female strippers tell them that they are going to school, but in reality a lot of them are. Many former female strippers are now nurses, or even lawyers. It is definitely a field that you can only do for a set period of time, so it is a great profession to get into while they are figuring out the next phase in their life. Where else can a girl with only a high school diploma make thousands of dollars a month? Working 40 hours a week at minimum wage will not pay a girls rent, bills, and on top of that tuition. If you as a father cannot pay for your daughter to go to college, do not look down on her for taking charge of her life. Female strippers in a lot of cases are highly paid psychologists. The successful ones have to be great listeners, and be a source of advice for their clients. According a female stripper that I interviewed in Miami Beach, she said that a lot of her job is a lot more emotional that physical. The same guy comes to see her. It is almost like an appointment at a doctor’s office. The same guys come to see her at the same time every single day. It is the best part of their day, and they are able to vent about their home life, their job, their kids, even their annoying neighbor. Perhaps all psychologists should work a few years as female strippers. Guys tend to be much more honest when talking to someone half naked than a girl in a pant suit. Maybe your daughter the stripper will become the doctor that you always wanted her to be! If it takes a few years giving lap dances to get there, maybe she is just doing it to make her daddy proud.


Bachelor Party BBQ

by Dave Dakota

Rich Klingler from Kansas City has created the ultimate Bachelor Party BBQ. Everything is completely catered for all of your bachelor party needs. I talked to Rich about his Bachelor Party BBQ.

DD: What made you concentrate on Bachelor parties?

RK: I have a pretty successful BBQ restaurant. A lot of my cliental are guys obviously. I threw a bachelor party for my son in law, and it was a legendary event. All of his buddies were asking me if I could plan their bachelor parties too. So eventually I was booked for months ahead of time. Now I basically have a second business.

DD: Explain exactly what all comes in your bachelor party package?

RK:  Well I start out with an amazing catered BBQ dinner for the whole crew. Ribs, pulled pork, mashed potatoes, corn, mac and cheese, and my specialty BBQ beef sandwiches. Then we bring the party to our 2000 square foot party room where we have open bar for 3 hours, and we even have a deal for entertainment. So it is really a one stop shop for everything. I also own the club next door, so we offer bottle service packages etc. Since I have the facilities, I figured why not take advantage of it.

DD: That sounds like a lot of fun. Let’s get back to the dinner portion of the event, because I understand that you set it up like a legit BBQ out on your huge patio.

RK: Yeah we have a great set up out there. And we even have games set up like bags, and beer pong. It is a lot of fun. I want it to be a completely unique experience without breaking these boys’ wallets. I think we have put together something that no one else can offer. We even have out Pig bus take them home if they get too drunk.

DD: Tell me about the poker tournament that you offer to the bachelor parties.

RK: That is something that is really fun. We started doing weekly poker tournaments at the restaurant, so it kind of just evolved from that. We were thinking of other options that we could offer for the Bachelor parties. So my son in law said that we should offer poker tournaments. We provide the dealers and everything. We just do it like any other poker tournament where we take a cut up front. We truly have something for everyone. I think that we have become the premiere Bachelor party destination.

DD: Tell me about this back room.

RK: 30 HD TV’s, and a lot of room for strippers, poker, or whatever other activities they have planned. We can also set up for karaoke, or have video games set up in the back room also. And all of our extra activities come with a spread of food. We are going to keep you full of food wherever you are in our facility.

DD: You have truly created a nice niche for yourself. Best of luck in the future!