Green Strip Club

By Dave Dakota

Wendy Meloready an entrepreneur from Santa Fe has combined her two favorite things. Strip Clubs and helping the environment. Wendy recently opened the first ever “Green” strip club. It is truly a remarkable establishment. Everything is made from recycled products. Also every bottle, cup, and paper towel is recycled. I talked to Wendy on the night of her grand opening.

DD: How and what made you come up with this idea?

WM: Well I have always been very conscious about the environment. I have worked for a lot of non-profits when I was in college. I was a bartender at a famous strip club in Los Angeles. Of course it is easy to play back seat driver, but I didn’t like the way they ran their business, also their lack of recycling made me furious. My cousin has been very successful in the stock market. I told her that I wanted to open up my own strip club, and she loved the idea. She is also very much about the environment like I am. So we decided that we were not only going to start our own business, but also help the environment that I love so much. I always laugh when people tell me that there is not global warming. Every year we have a tragedy in the United States directly cause by weather. We need to do all that we can to save this planet.

DDL: I heard that even the stripper poles are recycled metal.

WM: Everything in the strip club is made with recycled products. And the place is gorgeous! We definitely did not give up quality with this green strip club. It shows that anyone can do what we did with their businesses. We have to be proactive!

DD: Do you only hire tree huggers? That’s a joke of course!

WM: (Laughs!) Actually to answer your question, Yes! We definitely make sure that our girls are all on the same page as us. Every Wednesday we are planting a tree around the club. We own a lot of land, and plan on beautifying the area.

DD: How have the guys responded?

WM: Well you know that hippy girls are all free spirits, so believe me we deliver as far as entertainment. And as far as being green, most guys don’t care. They just want to watch gorgeous girls get naked.

DD: Talk about your menu which is also very healthy, especially for a strip club!

WM: We definitely took a risk by having very healthy dishes. Based on the response however, people are looking for a change. We also have revitalizing green drinks that we sell for guys leaving the club, or for guys who are low on energy when they arrive.

DD: I must say that is a tasty drink! Best of luck to you and I hope this place is a huge success for you.

WM: Thank you! Make sure to come see us! We have the best scenery, food, and of course we are trying to save the environment. Our girls like to talk dirty, whether it’s sexual or talking about planting trees!


The Stripper Party Bus

By Dave Dakota

Las Vegas is about to get a strip club that is unlike any other on or off the strip. Kelly Rollins a former stripper and dancer recently started a Stripper Party bus that has 8 female strippers on the bus driving around Las Vegas! It parks in front of different casinos and patrons are allowed to come on board and have a strip club experience like no other on the planet!  I talked to Kelly About her ultimate female stripper tour bus!

DD: Tell me about this female stripper tour bus! How did you come up with this idea?

KR: I started finding a lot of these strip clubs in Las Vegas to be very lame! They are all in shady areas, and seem creepy! Believe me; I have worked at five different clubs on the strip. Strip clubs are not the fun atmosphere that they should be. So I originally wanted to just bring a strip club to one of the big casino’s and none would even return my call, so I thought why not have a mobile strip club right on the strip. We park at hotels right on the strip and do pickups 24 hours a day. It is a lot of fun! Most of our clients are walk ups from people walking around on the strip! A lot of guys and groups are skeptical to go to strip clubs, but when they see it driving down the street they say “why not?”

DD: How much do you charge guys to get on the bus, and what is included?

KR: It costs $15 to get on the bus for an hour! And lap dances are $20 each. Of course if guys are having fun and getting dances, they don’t have to leave after an hour! We have no problem with guys just sitting there for the full hour and enjoying the view! We have a really cool stage set up in the back of the bus, and really comfortable recliners. It is a really comfortable strip club, but is a lot more fun! We want to give a strip club experience but add a total Vegas feel. We park outside different hotels for an hour at a time, and we also perform while the bus is rolling! We are currently working on getting our liquor license, and once we get approved, this thing will become huge!

DD: So you have 8 girls on the bus. Do you find that 8 are too many, too little, or the perfect amount?

KR: For regular days it is perfect! We once had a 25 minute spam where only 2 guys were on the bus. They said it was the greatest moment of their life when they had all 8 girls on them! So stuff like that definitely happens where we get slow, but we make the best out of it! In fact, we encourage our girls to give 1 guy or 100 guys the same VIP experience.

DD: I can’t wait to take a ride!