First Class Eating At Strip Clubs

By Vince Leona Remember when the only food you could get at a strip club was day old pizza sitting under a heating lamp? Well those days are long gone. Today the strip club mentality is to create an amazing dining experience. I talked to Todd McGovern the head chef at a new strip club in San Francisco about his five star dining that will be a part of a new strip club. VL: Well first off, I just had your Steak and Lobster combo. I must say, it was amazing. TM: Thank you! That is our specialty. I think we have some of the best food in all of San Francisco. VL: The food is great, but is there really a market for such an amazing restaurant in a strip club. TM: We are a first class establishment! Everything here is top of the line. Our facility is second to none. We have the most beautiful women in the world. Why would we not compliment it with a five star restaurant? When people come to San Francisco, they want to be around luxury. We supply the absolute best in every aspect. We want you to feel like you are in a different world when you enter our doors. VL: This place definitely is amazing. I assume that you are going to have to bring in a lot of people to make this place profitable. TM: No doubt! In order to keep a place this big open, we definitely need to draw in the numbers. We are already working with high end casinos. We will treat their high rollers like Kings. There is nowhere else in San Francisco where you can experience what we are offering. We have the mindset of blowing people away the first time so that they will come back. We know that when a customer comers here for the first time, they will be back. I think our restaurant alone will draw in people just for the amazing food. Then throw in the most beautiful women they have ever seen, and a facility like no other, and now we are talking about a once in a lifetime experience. VL: Do you have any special events planned? TM: Superbowl parties, boxing parties, UFC parties, conventions, and after parties for bands will all be hosted here. We are the only place for celebrities to come where they can get top of the line service. Out V.I.P areas are completely private. We have special entrances and exits for celebrities where they can be as private as they want. Of course we also have V.I.P areas in the main room if they want to be in the middle of the action. We really have thought of everything, and failure is not an option here. We plan on making 5 million dollars in profit by year 3. We are very ambitious. We want this place to be a destination that people want to come to San Francisco to see. We want to have people from all over the world here, and we won’t stop until we take over the world!

No Hassle Bachelorette Party

By Vince Leona What would you say if you can have your entire Bachelorette Party taken care of without a second of work? Brenda Berkley has made that a reality. Her new company will completely plan out your Bachelorette party and all of the events surrounding it. Brenda has taken her company national and is now working is 75 cities around the country. She will plan everything from dinner, dancing, strippers, etc. She is truly a one stop shop for Bachelorette parties. I talked to Brenda about her company.   VL: Tell me how you got started, and how you turned this thing into a huge company. BB: I started the company when I was planning my best friends Bachelorette party about 8 years ago. It was so much work. Planning the bachelorette party almost became a second job for me. So I decided that I would make a business that wasn’t there at the time. So I started by making tons of contacts here in San Francisco. Then I started putting together packages. I had a great business going here in San Francisco, so then I added Los Angeles because my sister worked there as a party planner. We started adding more and more cities. Now we are up to 75 and adding cities every month. We don’t like to add another city unless we have tons of options and contacts. So we make sure to have all of our ducks in a row before we add a new city.   VL: It is actually cheaper for girls to plan their Bachelorette Party through you also. How do you make money? BB: Well since we drive so much business to these bars, restaurants, and clubs, they pretty much pay our fee. So the girl basically gets a free service that gets them a cheaper and completely put together party. We send the girls a full agenda, and we have operators in our offices any time a problem comes up. We ever have car and taxi services available to the girls. We plan everything. We want to handle all of the stuff that is not fun. We want to make sure that all of the girls have the best time of their lives, and then make it home safe. We even have day of discount rooms at hotels in every city. If the girls decide, they can always stay at a hotel at a discount. That can be booked before the party, or any time after the party. We are a full service company. We really have thought of everything.   VL: You really have thought of everything! What advice do you give girls who don’t use your service, or in cities that you are not in. BB: The main thing is to not be overwhelmed. Treat it like a football team, one game at a time. You never want to look ahead. If you just do one thing at a time, it won’t be so overwhelming. It will also make your life a lot easier. But of course the best advice I can give is to give us a call!