Bachelorette Party on the gridiron

By Dave Dakota

Charlie Berek a former Milwaukee division 1 college football player has created the ultimate Bachelor Party gridiron experience. Charlie has put together a Bachelor Party that is a football lover’s dream. Charlie has turned a former farm land into a football paradise! I talked to Charlie about his Gridiron Bachelor Parties

DD: So how a 27 year old own this much land?

CB: Well it’s a little bittersweet but was left the land and a large amount of money by a deceased family member. At first, I decided to create a football field so that my buddies and I could mess around. I was the best man in a wedding last year and decided to have everyone out at my place. We broke into an impromptu football game and it was a lot of fun. Most of the guys said it was the best time they ever had at a Bachelor Party. So that gave me the idea to start up my company. Of course we don’t just offer the football, we also have drink packages and tons more.

DD: Besides the football, what else do you offer to the Bachelor Parties?

CB: Well like I said, we do drink packages, and we are now connected to a night club. We have a locker room with showers where the guys can get cleaned up after the game, and then we take them on a bus to the club. We will also drive them home. They have the bus for the whole night. If they aren’t the clubbing type, then we can do it all right from our facility. We can have strippers come by. We have an exclusive deal with and they will send the guys the hottest strippers they have ever seen.

DD: Tell me about some of these games. They must be pretty funny!

CB: Oh my God! It is so much fun. We have had groups who are just there to have fun, and we get groups who get really competitive. It sometimes feels like I am watching a pro game.

DD: Any fights or injuries?

CB: Both! Fights happen all the time, but the worst accident we ever had was one of the grooms tore his ACL. It was horrible and kind of ruined his wedding. He was on crutches the day of his wedding. But when I talked to him after the wedding, he said it was worth it because he tore it scoring the game winning touchdown, and he got to take a month off of work which led to more time with his new wife. So something good came out of it, plus it is one of the greatest stories ever! He will have those memories forever.

DD: The jerseys you guys give out are pretty bad ass! Tell me about those.

CB: We put the Bachelors name into a customized logo, and then all of the guys have their name on the back of jersey. A lot of the guys have all of their boys sign the jersey. It becomes great piece of memorabilia.

DD: Definitely one of the most original concepts I have ever heard! Good luck on the field!

Let’s Dance

By Vince Leona

Thanks to “Gangnam Style” by PSY, Andrew Kerling has created a totally unique male revue experience. It is unlike any other male revue in the country! Andrew had the idea when he saw the “Gangnam Style” video for the first time which was slowly becoming the most watched video in the history of YouTube. Currently as I am writing this article, “Gangnam Style” is now the #1 video in the history of YouTube. Andrew saw how the most viewed videos on YouTube were all comic relief dance videos. For years “The History of Dance” was the most watched video in the history of YouTube. So Andrew combined the Male Revue, and comedy. He now has one of the most successful revue shows in the country. I talked to Andrew about his Male Revue show.

VL: I have to say, as a heterosexual male, I really enjoyed the show.

AK: That’s the point! We want to draw in a mainstream crowd. Of course 95% of the audience at our shows is women, so we cater to them. But we definitely try to broaden the show enough where even men can enjoy it!

VL: The “Gangnam Style” finale is amazing! Are all of your guys trained dancers, because they hit that dance dead on!

AK: Yes a lot of our guys are professional dancers who have worked with huge pop artists. The guys who weren’t, I actually put them through a lot of personal dance lessons. The bottom line is that I mainly only hire elite athletes, and people in amazing shape. It is much easier to teach people with the drive and dedication to have those types of amazing bodies. Put it this way, the guys who are weaker in their dancing make up for it with their charisma. All of our guys love being on stage and performing live. They are 100% dedication to this show. They know that the sky is the limit.

VL: Do you have a bigger plan for this show than the local stuff you are doing now?

AK: The dream is to get the show on Broadway, and then eventually a residency in Las Vegas. We do 4 shows a week now and all of them sell out. That is over 1000 tickets a week locally. If we can get this show in Vegas where we have people coming from all over the world, I bet we can sell out 2 shows a night.

VL: You guys are completely original and different from any other male revue show that I have seen.

AK: Thanks! Yeah that is the goal. There are a million burger places, but the places that succeed are the ones that offer something unique. We have come up with something that no one else is doing or has done before.

VL: Good luck with everything! Can’t wait to see you at the Mirage or MGM Grand one day!

AK: Thank you so much! The night we open, the tickets will be waiting for you.