Male Exotic Dancer Awards

By Dave Dakota

Male Exotic Dancing is the biggest it has ever been in our country. National shows like MEN The Show in Chicago are expanding to Tampa and potentially other cities. The largest Male Stripper has report record numbers for parties. Also as a media member in the industry, all of my Male Exotic Dancer friends are thriving. My colleague and friend Vince Leona is starting up a brand new Male Exotic Dancer Awards show in Las Vegas. I talked to Vince about this new awards show.

DD: You have been in this industry for 15 years; you have worked in every aspect of the business, so you the perfect guy to put on this show. ‘

VL: Thanks man. I have seen the best and the worst of this business. I want to acknowledge the best of the best. So I have decided to put together a Male Exotic Dancer awards show giving these guys their just due.

DD: What kind of categories are in this Male Exotic Dancer awards show?

VL: Well of course we will have the best Male Exotic Dancer in each city. Those awards will probably be presented before the show goes live, or else we will be there all day! However, we will acknowledge all of these guys and bring them on stage with their trophies. Also we will be giving out best lap dance, best personality, best character, best costume, be body, and Male Exotic Dancer of the year. There are too many to list, but it will be a lot of fun.

DD: Do you plan on making this an annual event?

VL: Yes, but we already have big money offers to move it to other cities besides Vegas! I am thinking that Los Angeles is the front runner! I plan on making this thing huge. We are working on a major network also. We might not close that deal for the first one, but definitely for the second event, it will be on a major network. It is all very exciting. This is not going to be cheesy like other exotic dancer shows. This will be all class and a fully produced show!

DD: If anyone can pull this off it will be you. I can’t wait to be in the front row when the show makes its debut!

VL: Who said you were getting front row tickets (laughs).