The Red Dancer Association

By Dave Dakota

Randy Cotter is a former Baseball Player and a former exotic dancer who has put together a new Cincinnati based Male Exotic Dancer Show that will be running every week. Randy is doing a soft opening this weekend. I talked to Randy about his new show!

DD: What makes your show different from other Male Exotic dancer and Male Stripper Shows?

RC: This is all about Cincinnati! It is a local show, and we bring in everything about the city into the show. If you are from here, you will really appreciate all of the nuances! We are doing this for the Cincinnati ladies.

DD: Tell me about the show.

RC: We have a 2 hour show with solo and group performances. Everything is completely synchronized and the show is getting better and better. I am most proud of the encore that we do. It is all of the guys doing a big stage show. All of the guys shine in this finale.

DD: Do you plan on expanding the show? I know that you are originally from Columbus.

RC: I need this show to be successful first and then I will think about expanding. But first I have to get this show off the ground. We truly have the show set for greatness. Now we just have to prove our concept. Also, with this soft opening that we are doing, we will work out the kinks. I have done 10 free trial shows for friends that have been better and better! I have never been so proud of anything in my life. This is my life’s work and it is amazing every night.

DD: I heard that you are doing a week long residency in Las Vegas!

RC: Yes after the soft opening the show goes on a month hiatus before the opening night! So we decided that we wanted to put the show on in the entertainment capital of the world and see if we could hang with the big boys! So I am very excited about these 3 huge events. It will be a fun month starting with the soft opening, then the Vegas week, and finally the opening night of the show in Cincinnati. I am so grateful for this opportunity, and I plan on making this show huge!

DD: All the best. This seems like it could be the show that Cincinnati is missing!

Boy Band Male Revue

By Vince Leona

Imagine seeing a performance by your favorite boy band, and then at the end they take off all of their clothes? That is now a reality with Marissa DeLeon’s new show. I talked to Marissa about this amazing male revue show that has caught fire in a bottle.

VL: How did you come up with this concept?

MD: I was the creative director for a male revue show.  I wanted to mix it up a bit and told the GM of the show my ideas. He hated them, so I quit and decided to branch out on my own. I always loved boy bands and the girls who were into those bands are now grown up and of age. So I decided to put together this Boy Band Revue Show! Within a few months, we were sold out. As of today, we are completely sold out for the next 6 months. We are considering adding late shows to accommodate all of the requests.

VL: So basically you have NSYNC, New Kids on the Block, Backstreet Boys, and other boy band impersonators and then they strip at the end?

MD: Not just at the end! The whole thing is choreographed by a former choreographer for some of the biggest artists in the world. It is a lot of fun, and really brings the ladies back to their younger days.

VL: What is the best part of the show? What makes these girls go wild?

MD: When they do “Backstreet’s Back” they go crazy! Especially when they sing the line “Am I sexual?” The roof gets blown off of the house! Also “Bye Bye Bye” is great too! They whole thing is a lot of fun!

VL: Do you plan on taking this thing on tour or to Vegas? It sounds like you have a major hit on your hands.

MD: Funny you say that! We were approached by a huge hotel on the strip that was trying to figure out the logistics of having us as a nightly show. We are definitely interested, but business is so good that it would have to be a deal that really blew us away to move the show.

VL: All the best of luck to you! This is a fun show that the ladies need to see!

MD: Thanks! And as we ay to close out the show… Bye Bye Bye!